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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A tribute to Mark Burton: Lament

Today is a tribute to Mark Burton, a long time friend of Empcho and Arduin.  He's helped us greatly in the years and while he has been busy, his contributions have never been forgotten.  Lament is his signature character and I share today his character snapshot, the same one Mark shared a few years back.  Beyond what you read below, you can also find some of his magic in AG IX, as he let loose one or two of his spells to grace those pages.  Enjoy.

Lament is a powerful wizard who began his days as the son of a duke and duchess (both high level mages).  He was quickly trained in the ways of magic, although he received some learning in the arts of  warcraft as any noble must.  From the end of his apprenticeship at the age of 16 until he was 25, he acted as his father's steward and agent - often going along with both raiding parties and trading parties.

One day he returned from a long trading mission to find that an army of the ONE TRUE GOD (known haters of mages) had taken control of his home and murdered his entire family.  In a fit of rage, he led his remaining men on a desparate raid to recapture his home and avenge his family's death.  Though victorious, all but two of his men perished in the battle - Glendril the Elvish Mage/Warrior and Cyboril the Martial artist.  They became two of his closest friends and steady companions (both I hope to write of later).

Grief stricken, what was once a kind and gentle noble  reclaimed much of his parents magical items and blasted the castle to ruins.   Forever renouncing his past, he assumed the name of Lament.  Only his  friends know his true identity - and they will not reveal it upon mighty oaths sworn on his family's honor and the blood of their slayers.

The group was joined shortly thereafter  by Apralful, a priest of Circe, Goddess of Magic and endless foe of the ONE TRUE GOD sect.  He became the fourth in their band.

Even unto this day, the four remain constant friends and companions.  They have seen and fought in many places and worlds. This band has now adventured together on and off for some 140 years (yep they all took some of those lovely potions of longevity and potions of youth).

They have fled from balrogs, destroyed dragons, led armies, assassinated kings and even prevented the opening of the way for Cthulu's evil minions. They explored much of the infamous Death heart, although repulsed before finding the one treasure above all others that Lament desired - the legendary "Black Grimoire" which is believed to contain all known spells.

They fought their way through various lands and up unto Dragon Mountain wherein they were victorious, along with a party of some 8 other adventurers. It is said that Lament is the consort of Circe's High priestess, who happens to be Apralful's sister.

In any event, he is known to have many items of magic and mystical might.  The only ones confirmed by any though are a "Staff of the Winds" and,  from the bloody depths of Death Heart, the infamous "Hand of Doom".

At present,Lament is attempting to locate the appropriate spot to create a small university of magic, to teach young mages both magic and ethics and to study other planes and worlds with some level of security.  Lord Elric and the College of Mages  have promised support in this venture.

Lament appears as a man anywhere between his late twenties and early forties with grey eyes, brown/grey streaked hair, a medium tan and is somewhat short and slight in stature, although clearly muscled.  He has imbibed  several Potions of Longevity and several Potions of Youthfulness as well.

Race:  Human    Class:  Wizard
Alignment: Neutral
Legacy: Noble   EL:  28    HP:  54
CF: 18   RF:  19     RD:  4    Mor:  14

Name: Lament
Int: 20    Wis:  17    Con:  18    Str:  19    Dex:  21    Agil:  14    Ego:  19    Ch:  11
Special Abilities:
Special Equipment:
Staff of the Winds
Hand of Doom
Potion of Longevity
Potion of Youthfulness

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