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Monday, March 17, 2014


The weekend found me in New York, an impromptu meeting made out of unhappy circumstances.  We found some glimmers of  gold in the darkness, though and managed to talk in depth about Arduin and its future.  
Today, as well, I met with my partner-in-crime Ross Watson on the latest update to Arduin, the Arduin Bloody Arduin system.   I've a little bit more of work to do before I can release it out as a beta for playtest but I'm quite confident we are on the right track.  I'll be earmarking 10 or so groups for the initial testing and then widening the scope as time progresses.  My gut feeling is this will be the best system yet.  I've strived powerfully to keep the sense and feel of the old AG system while including updates  where it seemed mesh well.  Where Arduin Eternal stepped too far to the right with its lush detail and sometimes intricate mechanics, Arduin Bloody Arduin has stayed true to the inherent simpler structure of the AG's.

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