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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some old magic spells

Arduin, while sometimes quiet, never dies. 

Its been awhile since the last post, but after hospital rounds for all three of us for one reason or another (primarily ailing parents) we are returning slowly.  While its not much of a commemoration, I did find some old spells that I thought you might find interesting.  Look for more activity in the days to come.

Tai-Kyrie’s Serrated Lightning Stings

Range:  120 feet
Level: 3
Duration: Varies
Area of Effect:  One or more targets
Mana:  5 + 3 mana per sting
Effects:  For a base 5-mana point cost plus 3 mana per sting (pre-allocated), the wizard can evoke one serrated lightning sting every second (every 5 CF counts) and cast it immediately or hold it for up to five melee rounds.  Held stings can be cast individually or as a swarm, and a wizard can reserve up to one sting per El accumulated.  Each does sting does 10 points of electrical shock, 1d8 HP tearing and 1d4 HP piercing damage but requires line of sight to hit a target.

Tai-Kyrie’s Spider Lightning

Range:  20 feet
Level: 2
Duration: 5 minutes if not discharged
Area of Effect:  One man-sized creature or wall 6 ft. wide by 10 ft. tall maximum
Mana:  7
Effects:  For a 7 mana point cost the wizard can cause an area around him or a rectangular panel to shimmer and dance with electric energies that resemble a quivering spider web.  In either form the spider lightning will discharge 8 points of electric shock into any living being that touches it directly or with conductive material, fading after such discharge.  Its primary potency is versus missiles, which it will shred and destroy any missile smaller than a spear, regardless of number.  It can do this for two full melee rounds before fading; otherwise, it lasts until its duration ends.