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Monday, September 23, 2013

Arduin Bloody Arduin

Hello Arduin Fans,

     I would like to address a fans post from the Arduin Eternal community on Google. Here is the original post by Brian McDonald:

I am throwing this out there just to share my thoughts on what I would like to see in ABA.

Thoughts on Arduin

Rolled Attributes: Str, Int, Wis, Con, Dex, Char, Agil, Ego (I like adding Luck just for the occasional Mulligan roll)
Calculated Attributes: CF, Per, HP
Method: d20 or 3d6/4d6 doesn't really matter to me. Prefer low range (1-25) based rather than high range (1-100).
Modifiers: Prefer system with single adds instead of variable (i.e. +5 instead of +1-5)
Races: Amazon, Deodanth, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Hobbitt, Human, Phraint, Saurig, Throon, Urukk, Half-Anything
Racial Traits: Loved this in AE. Specific Racial Choices not so important
General Racial Choices: from AE, yes! Love these.
Classes: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Thief, Barbarian, Forester, Techno, Rune Singer, Rune Weaver
Specialist Classes: Assassin, Star Powered Mage, Slaver, Martial Artist, Druid, Saint
Levels: yes, please. Its great to level up rather than slowly increase skills.
Hit Points: Race-based with Con, Class and Level modifiers
CF system: Yes, based on the "revised" version that only goes to CF 25 and 5 actions.
Special Abilities: yes, but cleaned up a bit from original AGs or CA
Crits and Fumbles: of course, magikal and mundane. Whether Full Critical or not I think should be incorporated into the charts (i.e. some rolls on the crit table might result in 2x or 3x damage rather than an all out critical), otherwise it just becomes too deadly.
Mana: yes, potentially for any class in limited amounts (also simplify to just Arcane, Divine, Star-Powered, etc)
Weapon Damages: single or multiple dice with simple modifiers (i.e. +5 instead of +1-5), similar to AE
AC: really prefer using something like 3rd Edition D&D (i.e. ascending AC starting at AC10)
Combat: Really prefer d20-based. Go back to original AG, except with ascending AC, which means no need for charts!
Weapon Specialization: yes, prefer the original AG for this
Weapon Characteristics: something like AE but much simplified, for example the CF modifiers is great, not sure if different damage types are needed, however
Spells: I like the simplicity of the AA spells, but obviously there needs to be more that just those. AE is good, but prerequisites really complicate things
Skills: simple set of skills preferably, possibly using the Rank system in AE
Culture: This is a huge area, and I think difficult to do with a simple system like it was with AE (which is excellent), therefore I think it needs to not be part of the core Arduin system.

 First off, I would like to thank Brian for his thoughts! Also, I want everybody to understand that the system for Arduin Bloody Arduin is nowhere complete or set in stone. We are using all of the Arduin system versions as a guide with the original Grimoires as the top guide. It is not all word for word or rule by rule original, there will be updated and new rules in the Arduin Bloody Arduin system. So, with that being said here are the current answers to Brian's thoughts...

     1) Rolled Attributes: You are correct! There are eight Str, Int, Wis, Ego, Dex, Agil, Con, and Char. Attributes range from 1 to 30.
     2) Calculated Attributes: There are Reasoning Factor, and Coordination Factor.
     3) Method for rolling attributes: Roll 4D6, pick best three and add together. Repeat seven more times and then place values in the eight Attributes as you desire.
     4) Modifiers: Single add is the way so far, +1, +2 and etc...
     5) Races: The majority you listed will be included.
     6) Racial Traits: Not solidified yet, most likely a very simplified form for these abilities.
     7) Racial Choices: Same as for racial traits...
     8) Classes: The will be four main types: Mage, Priest, Thief, and Warrior.
     9) Specialist Classes: All other classes are sub-classes of the main four classes listed above. You could call them specialist or etc...most of the classes you listed will be included.
   10) Levels: Yes, it is a level based system.
   11) Hit Points: Yes, race-based with Con Bonus, Class, and level modifiers.
   12) CF System: Yes, CF will be used for iniative.
   13) Special Abilities: You hit it on the head! Yes, but cleaned up versions.
   14) Crits and Fumbles: Yes, will be used.
   15) Mana: Yes, but expanded, simplified and modified.
   16) Weapon Damage: Simple, a long sword does a D8.
   17) AC: Yes, armor class will be used, but starts at 0 and goes to 20.
   18) Combat: Yes, D20, but with a new main combat chart. Also, old and new charts for a Gamemaster screen, it is old school.
   19) Weapon Specialization: Class based, simplified and modified.
   20) Weapon Characteristics: Very simplified.
   21) Spells: New and old spells simplified. Basic use of spell is to spend mana, cast and then target gets saving throw.
  22) Skills: Very simplified, a few and class/level based. Note: This is not a skill based system!
  23) Culture: Not in the base rules. That is world based.
     Well, I hope this helps to answer some questions. These answers are based on our current status with the new system and things may change down the road. As for now, we will continue to finish combat and magik.
Thank You,
George De Rosa
Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures Corp.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Arduin Bloody Arduin Combat and Magik

Hello Arduin Fans,

     We are still finishing the combat section and have laid down some ground work for the Magik section. Magik will have some of the same old school rules such as mana, OP, and saving throws. Plus there will be a few new rules in the system. Just to let everybody know, we are using all the Arduin systems for reference. The original Grimoires being the top reference. I will continue to update everyone on our progress. There may be times when posts are farther apart as we need to fill in the rules for each section.

Thank You,
George De Rosa
Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures Corp.

Monday, September 2, 2013

more old maps of Arduin

Here is another of Rick Brown's maps of Arduin, one of his own making from a different campaign.  This one is based off of David Hargrave's earlier work and shows how he wove the geography together:

Rick Brown's World of Arduin

old maps of Arduin

Back when Rick Brown (Beardfoot for those who know him) was still very active, he shared a few maps with me that he had found and put together for Arduin.  One of those was of Arduin and its nearby political landscape:

Rick Brown's Map of Arduin
Rick Brown's Map of Arduin