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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arduin Bloody Arduin news

So last night I had a wonderful conversation with George De Rosa, the other person helping develop Arduin Bloody Arduin, an OSR styled version of Arduin. I'm proud so say we went through another round of the combat system, putting it through hell to make sure its up to snuff. Both of us kept our original versions of the AGs close at hand as well as a few other inspiration books. I think the toughest part of everything is keeping true to the heart of original Arduin without attempting to modernize it in some fashion.

I shared everything posted to date in the community and as comments on the blog. George did the same with the play group we have in New York and the groups at the game club in Buffalo. Its through this means we make sure we focus on keeping this system aligned with the ideas we put in place. If I could ask one thing it would be to keep the comments coming.

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