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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Arduin Bloody Arduin & Arduin AGs

Hey everyone its worth a few minutes to talk about how Arduin Bloody Arduin is going to be different than a cleaned up version of the original AGs.  Before I jump into that I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who looked at or played Arduin Eternal.  It was a blast to make and play.  Ultimately it didn't speak to fans and that's important to take into perspective as we talk about Arduin Bloody Arduin. People wanted something old school and they spoke loudly, sometimes very loudly about that fact.  That's why the official announcement of Arduin Bloody Arduin. 

We listened. 

So lets clear up a couple of important topics about the Arduin AGs (which you can get here as a single volume) and Arduin Bloody Arduin.

The Arduin Grimoires I - III are going to be the base for Arduin Bloody Arduin.  We are putting back in all the things that make old school gaming fun!  You are not going to see just that material though.  We think a few things would benefit from the couple of decades that have elapsed since it as published.

One thing, for example, is CF.  Just like David Hargrave we think its a beautiful thing.  Still, nothing beats rolling for initiative so we are going to provide rules for that too.  Take the one you want and have a good time!

Another is experience.  The AGs provided charts.  You see those and an option or two to other easily usable systems.

The point is to really get back to the hard core basics.

* High lethality to promote smart game play
* Transparent mechanics
* Simple and focused rules
* Leave gaps so you can be creative, a hallmark of Arduin
* Fast Character Generation, perhaps the biggest failure of AE
* Speak of characters, ones you can throw together for 1 session or 100
* Ease of play, can't emphasize that enough
* Exploration and fun as a focus

More exists but I hope you see what I'm saying.  Not to mention we are planning an Empcho first by making a "slim" and "trim" book.

If you are curious what you can do, well, keep the comments coming, talk to us a lot about what you want to see on the Arduin google community and share.

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