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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updates are in order

It has been some time.  I could regale you with reasons why but I'm going to skip it.  The fact is some things needed to happen internally to clear out the cobwebs and shake up some dust.  It looks like that has passed and we can get back to the business of making damn good games.

I hope so at least.


Earlier this year I started hinting/talking about two things:  a rebuild of Arduin, a hearkening back to its roots, to the trademark mechanics that symbolized Arduin to its fans; and a conversion of Arduin to the Savage Worlds system.

I happy to say both items are in the works.  You'll start hearing and see more as time cycles forward.  You'll also see some polls, likely through the google community site so be sure and stop by there to input your desire as a fan.


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