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Friday, July 26, 2013

Sewer Map of Provana (Chorynth Isle)

I had a few questions the other day about the sewers and other underground areas I mentioned in the World Book of Khaas, the blog and other locations.  Maps exist, of course, though not in an easy to grab collection unfortunately.  Still, here is a sketch of the sewer system under the town of Provana (on Chorynth) from the Dankyn's Run series I ran for the Penn group a few years ago.

Anyway, the map is the sketch I used for the game.  It doesn't have a key so here's a guide to help:

  • Double solid lines are walls
  • Shaded areas are rock/rubble 
  • Dashed, double lines are district boundaries
  • Single dashed lines with single dots between are sewer lines
  • Single dashed liens with double dots between are dry or abandoned lines
I had to dig to find this map since I'm prepping to move to Texas soon.  I'll post more (if there's interest) once I get there.

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