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Monday, July 29, 2013

An old play test of non-linear wound tracks for Arduin

At one point I had played with non-linear wound tracks to manage HP damage in Arduin.  I had played other games where it was used and was interested in its application.  I created a crude structure to tinker with it though I'll be the first to admit it never went far.  Still, if you are interested, I present it today as something to tinker with on your own.

Now, I didn't want to retool the entire game system so I made some crude adjustments to integrate it without upsetting pre-existing characters.  I also used a 5-step wound track that was formatted like this:

1.  Hurt           1 + 1 per HP/10
2.  Wounded   1 + 1 per HP/15
3.  Serious      1 + 1 per HP/30
4.  Grievous   1 + 1 per HP/40
5.  Critical     1 + 1 per HP/50

As the formulas outline next to it, I then added one blip to the row plus and additional one for each break out that followed.  As a note I used normal rounding rules.

To keep the existing damage values without adjusting them I just divided damage by 5 and counted it as a 1-point hit.  Thus, an 18 HP attack did 4 level 1 hits.  Any critical automatically caused a level-5 hit. That helped maintain the lethality of Arduin.  Exhaust those bubbles and you were dead.

Divide your CON by 10 to determine what level of damage you could heal in a day.  An 18 CON could heal a level-2 strike or two level-1 strikes.  You can even stack healing to get to the next level, i.e., two days of rest would allow you to heal a level-3 strike but intervention would be required to heal a level-4 or level-5 strike.

Of course if you had a high even CON score it wouldn't matter:  26 or greater to heal a level-4 strike or 36 or higher to even heal a level-5 critical naturally.

As an example of what that would look like, here is a 66 HP character.

1.  Hurt           O O O O O O O O
2.  Wounded   O O O O O
3.  Serious      O O O
4.  Grievous   O O 
5.  Critical     O O 

Here's a 38 HP character:

1.  Hurt           O O O O O 
2.  Wounded   O O O 
3.  Serious      O O 
4.  Grievous   O  
5.  Critical     O 

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