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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arduin Bloody Arduin

Hello Arduin Fans,

     We are pleased to announce that Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures Corporation has embarked on releasing a retro version of Arduin. It takes us back to the days when RPGs were fast, furious and fun! There will be posts to update everyone to the progress of this new initiative for Arduin fans. So, saddle up let the wolf rise in you and prepare to walk down the path to the ageless wonder, that is Arduin...

Thank You,
George De Rosa
Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures Corp.

Monday, July 29, 2013

An old play test of non-linear wound tracks for Arduin

At one point I had played with non-linear wound tracks to manage HP damage in Arduin.  I had played other games where it was used and was interested in its application.  I created a crude structure to tinker with it though I'll be the first to admit it never went far.  Still, if you are interested, I present it today as something to tinker with on your own.

Now, I didn't want to retool the entire game system so I made some crude adjustments to integrate it without upsetting pre-existing characters.  I also used a 5-step wound track that was formatted like this:

1.  Hurt           1 + 1 per HP/10
2.  Wounded   1 + 1 per HP/15
3.  Serious      1 + 1 per HP/30
4.  Grievous   1 + 1 per HP/40
5.  Critical     1 + 1 per HP/50

As the formulas outline next to it, I then added one blip to the row plus and additional one for each break out that followed.  As a note I used normal rounding rules.

To keep the existing damage values without adjusting them I just divided damage by 5 and counted it as a 1-point hit.  Thus, an 18 HP attack did 4 level 1 hits.  Any critical automatically caused a level-5 hit. That helped maintain the lethality of Arduin.  Exhaust those bubbles and you were dead.

Divide your CON by 10 to determine what level of damage you could heal in a day.  An 18 CON could heal a level-2 strike or two level-1 strikes.  You can even stack healing to get to the next level, i.e., two days of rest would allow you to heal a level-3 strike but intervention would be required to heal a level-4 or level-5 strike.

Of course if you had a high even CON score it wouldn't matter:  26 or greater to heal a level-4 strike or 36 or higher to even heal a level-5 critical naturally.

As an example of what that would look like, here is a 66 HP character.

1.  Hurt           O O O O O O O O
2.  Wounded   O O O O O
3.  Serious      O O O
4.  Grievous   O O 
5.  Critical     O O 

Here's a 38 HP character:

1.  Hurt           O O O O O 
2.  Wounded   O O O 
3.  Serious      O O 
4.  Grievous   O  
5.  Critical     O 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sewer Map of Provana (Chorynth Isle)

I had a few questions the other day about the sewers and other underground areas I mentioned in the World Book of Khaas, the blog and other locations.  Maps exist, of course, though not in an easy to grab collection unfortunately.  Still, here is a sketch of the sewer system under the town of Provana (on Chorynth) from the Dankyn's Run series I ran for the Penn group a few years ago.

Anyway, the map is the sketch I used for the game.  It doesn't have a key so here's a guide to help:

  • Double solid lines are walls
  • Shaded areas are rock/rubble 
  • Dashed, double lines are district boundaries
  • Single dashed lines with single dots between are sewer lines
  • Single dashed liens with double dots between are dry or abandoned lines
I had to dig to find this map since I'm prepping to move to Texas soon.  I'll post more (if there's interest) once I get there.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Discussion about Death Heart & maps

I recently had the please to talk with someone about Death Heart, the module and its map.  Specifically they were curious about where it fit on the Arduin Country map empcho produces. 

I had good and bad news for them.  The bad news is it doesn't.  The good news was its still in the world just a bit farther west of Arduin these days, on the border of the nation of Talafar and Marmachand.  Big names for those with any inkling of Arduin's history.

Since an explanation seemed in order, I passed on that the maps in the modules and the maps that empcho uses are not one and the same.  In fact, David Hargrave redid complete country and continent maps for each of his Arduin campaigns (I - III).  The "official" one is the last one he did prior to his death, which is the one empcho had digitally recreated in late '99 and sells.

Talking about Death Heart, you can find to landmarks to orient the map provided in the module.  It won't be exact since the landscape has changed, but it will make sense.  The Mountains of Madness are your first one of note.  It lies along the border of Talafar and Marmachand and use it you can adjust the map accordingly to make sense (maps of these areas are found in the World Book of Khaas).

Considering the length of time between publishing the modules and the empcho map it should come to no surprise that they differ.  Still, not all its lost.  The Citadel of Thunder is on the Arduin Country Map, as is the Howling Tower.  Caliban can be where ever you want it to be, which is a fun function of that module.

So, enjoy them, either in Arduin or your own worlds.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello Arduin Fans,

      Wanted to let you know about a convention for old school gaming in Toronto! Here are the basics:

OSRCon 2013

  • A Minicon For Role Playing Games
  • Old Games From 1975-85 New Games Inspired By That Era
  • 3-4 August 2013 (Sat. & Sun.)
  • Toronto downtown
  • The Manulife Centre in the sky

  • The Old School Revival Convention (OSRCon) believes that the first era of role playing games (RPG) was an uncertain age. From 1975-85 Dungeons & Dragons felt its way forward exploring the new realm it had created, while inspiring the creators of many other games. OSRCon believes there was a quality to those games lost in subsequent decades, as RPGs become more professional and corporate. We invite you to return to the first era of RPGs: where everyone was designing their own game; the dungeon master was all-powerful; and, clubs invented their own house rules.

    If you want to know more visit their site here:

    Yes, Arduin is in there!

    Thank You,
    George De Rosa

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Updates are in order

    It has been some time.  I could regale you with reasons why but I'm going to skip it.  The fact is some things needed to happen internally to clear out the cobwebs and shake up some dust.  It looks like that has passed and we can get back to the business of making damn good games.

    I hope so at least.


    Earlier this year I started hinting/talking about two things:  a rebuild of Arduin, a hearkening back to its roots, to the trademark mechanics that symbolized Arduin to its fans; and a conversion of Arduin to the Savage Worlds system.

    I happy to say both items are in the works.  You'll start hearing and see more as time cycles forward.  You'll also see some polls, likely through the google community site so be sure and stop by there to input your desire as a fan.