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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Poioson Tal Banquet

Ah, I love talking about the history of Arduin and its lands.  This juicy tidbit is an Arduinian reference of some antiquity, hearkening back to the time when the white cities of the second continent shone in the rays of sun and the breaker frothed white from the waves of the green sea.  The Poioson Tal (puh-sun tal) Banquet.  A very famous dinner, one given by a Duke of the Shimmering Wall to his guests.  The meal was articulated in vast detail by the poem (of the same name) that outlined the dining done that night.  The feast was in nine courses and in each course, a hazard, a danger was given with the plates.  As the feast progressed, the number of diners decreased as they succumbed to the hazards present at the meal.  In the end, only the wily remained to confront the last course - one that proved their death.

Its used often as a parable of the dangers of life, the ones we confront as we live it.  In the end, we all have a final course that ends in death.

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