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Monday, September 3, 2012

Halberd of Kailton

Another of the tidbits of Arduinian history.  The Halberd of Kailton, which is not, as one would think an artifact or weapon of power.  Yet, sort of was, at the same time.  It was a signature spell of one Guillame of Kailton.  His tale says that, unable to become a warrior like the others of his generation, he delved instead into magic.  Like them, though, he used the traditional blade of the town, a hiltless arc of steel.  His typical spell send dozens of them spiraling into the air above his enemies, to draw down at his whim.  So prevalent was his attack it became a part of his reputation and enemies far and wide would crane their necks to the sky above to make sure none of the Kailton Halberds were spinning in the air, waiting to drop on them when they least suspected.

As a firmly grounded piece of legend, its used frequently to represent the danger or the threat of danger.

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