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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Items on DriveThruRPG

I thought I would share the cover we developed for the character sheet that was distributed through DrivethruRPG. You can see this one and others via this link:

Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't swell up like a panta

An Arduinian idiom, using often to indicate someone has an exaggerated sense of self importance or is conceited. 

Panta are a kind of lizard seen in the Mickleback Mountains of west Arduin.  Their primary defense is to swell, similar to a porcupine. This rotates their iron like quills outward and makes them nearly double in size, presenting a formidable defense towards predators.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Releases

EC STORE: New items added

The following new items were added to the Emperors Choice store:

1. Map of Chorynth - folded, 17x22 inches
2. Map of Chorynth - rolled and shipped in its own tube like the Arduin map
3. Bloodbeast miniature
4. Air Shark 2 - a larger version of the original air shark, this one does not have a rider
5. Air Shark 2 - a larger version of the original air shark, this one has an archer on its back
6. Air Shark 2 - a larger version of the original air shark, this one has the rider with sword

The Air Shark 2 is just a larger version of the original Airshark and has a more pointed snout, some saddlery additions and is a little bit stockier.

7. Air Shark - Hammerhead - no rider
8. Air Shark - Hammerhead with archer rider
9. Air Shark - Hammerhead with rider that has sword and shield
10. Giant Vampire bat with rider that has sword and shield
11. Giant Vampire bat with Melkalund city rider that is shooting a bow at its target
12. Giant Vampire bat with Melkalund city rider that has armor from head to waist, sword and shield
13. Giant Vampire bat with rider that has axe and shield
14. Mushrooms, large Mushrooms (2 pieces) for encounters from foliage to actual attack musrooms - whatever you might need them for!
15. Gworm miniature
16. painted photo of the new Throon Tolparg

Engineering and the Techno

I've spent quite some time working on the Techno recently.  I've liked what I found but can see some areas of improvement.  Especially in the manufacturing and design section.  My plan is to outline some updates in a series of articles. 

Nothing will change dramatically but you should see more tools and easier organization to the production of items.

Not to mention a mess of new designs!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Halberd of Kailton

Another of the tidbits of Arduinian history.  The Halberd of Kailton, which is not, as one would think an artifact or weapon of power.  Yet, sort of was, at the same time.  It was a signature spell of one Guillame of Kailton.  His tale says that, unable to become a warrior like the others of his generation, he delved instead into magic.  Like them, though, he used the traditional blade of the town, a hiltless arc of steel.  His typical spell send dozens of them spiraling into the air above his enemies, to draw down at his whim.  So prevalent was his attack it became a part of his reputation and enemies far and wide would crane their necks to the sky above to make sure none of the Kailton Halberds were spinning in the air, waiting to drop on them when they least suspected.

As a firmly grounded piece of legend, its used frequently to represent the danger or the threat of danger.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Poioson Tal Banquet

Ah, I love talking about the history of Arduin and its lands.  This juicy tidbit is an Arduinian reference of some antiquity, hearkening back to the time when the white cities of the second continent shone in the rays of sun and the breaker frothed white from the waves of the green sea.  The Poioson Tal (puh-sun tal) Banquet.  A very famous dinner, one given by a Duke of the Shimmering Wall to his guests.  The meal was articulated in vast detail by the poem (of the same name) that outlined the dining done that night.  The feast was in nine courses and in each course, a hazard, a danger was given with the plates.  As the feast progressed, the number of diners decreased as they succumbed to the hazards present at the meal.  In the end, only the wily remained to confront the last course - one that proved their death.

Its used often as a parable of the dangers of life, the ones we confront as we live it.  In the end, we all have a final course that ends in death.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long Goodbye

One of the more interesting places in the Talismonde undercity.

A long, twining chute (of varying size) that descends through the North West side of the city and into a fathomless spinning whirlpool called, “The Growl”. Zethimul Enforcers of the Black Temple love to toss intruders into this chute. Once in the chute, the only chance of getting out of its grip is at a long stretch called “The File”. Here a series of broken and jagged casements snap like the jaws of great beasts, however many of them open into placid side passages that lead back upwards the black heaven of the upper undercity.