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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Solar Waterswept

A Wood Elf martial artist of some reputation. He dwells in the Elfholgen lands south and west of the Copper Arm Mountains in Aradnast. The Waterswept family is one of the Elven Noble families that separated away from Atenveldt and joined Aradnast. Solar grew up fighting in the mountains against soldiers and is considered one of their bogeymen, able to get entire armies to quit the field if he is present. The Atenveldt call him the Death Oiliphant. He is also known as Throon Brother.  Solar is youthful and vibrant with energy but with a weathered hard air to him and deep eyes that seem to absorb light. He is built strongly for an elf with over developed arms and shoulders that would make a Throon proud.  While known to use weapons occasionally, Solar is accounted to use Syllindion as his primary art. He also is reputed to be almost as proficient in Mul-LLu and Thrugga-Aspa. Solar spent three years in the mountains fighting side by side with Kutos and is thought to have learned some of his Nine Laughing Gods Fist style as well.

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