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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Setting a Weapon against a Charge

A question came up about setting a weapon against a charge.  Its in the AE book but not as consolidated or clear as desired.  If you go to the last page in the Battle and Melee section you'll see an entry for set against a charge.  It states,

"A weapon must be capable o being set against a Charge action, such as a halberd, spear or similar weapon.  If you set a weapon against a Charge action, you get to make an attack against the Charging opponent when they first enter your ER with a +10 CRIT chance."

So, by default, a polearm or weapon capable of being set against a Charge is NOT readied.  It requires an action, a quickened action at that, to ready a weapon against a Charge action.  You can expend that quickened action AT ANY TIME, so you could indeed wait to ready it right as your opponent charges.  That's a very valid action to take.  If you have a quickened action.  If you have already used it then you are out of luck.

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