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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mist Burn, the night of flame and infamy

They say the nights are lively in Arduin but some nights are more so than most.  In this case, lively in the sense of death, carnage and flames, which for some, is the norm for their stay in Arduin.  

Mist Burn, as it would come to be called, was a stretch of three nights of infamy that started when someone mis-delivered a crate of Fire-In-A-Bottle.  Now, everyone knows the stuff is volatile, even the alchemists that make it.  Most typically treat it with caution.  The cautious strap it in and pack it in crates to prevent explosions.   The more foolish throw it in the back on a couple of furs.  That do little to prevent the bottle from being dropped off a wagon after a flyby by Vord sent the horses jumping everywhere.

The looks of surprise and then fear on the faces of travelers was only matched by the greater fear on the faces of those who watched the flames eat away the wagon and then the large trees of the wood that the wagon crashed into.

The resultant explosion burned the north of Treehaven for three days, creating a toxic smoke that burned away the mist that floated over the city.   It took summoning a mist elemental out of the forest to quench the flames.

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