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Friday, August 17, 2012


Specifically this post is in reference to the following:

1. World book of Khaas map scales, what they might be, why they are not what you might think they should be.

2. The forth coming Continent map and the scale, this is essentially the same map as the one in the World book of Khaas.

3. A scale note for the map of Chorynth - due back from the printer presumably next week (week of August 20-24 or so we hope!).   

ORIGINAL MAP the main continent is drawn from:
1 inch = 64 miles
It was a Hargrave original approximately 44x33 inches; It comes form the Arduin III campaign map and was originally saved/salvaged by Paul Mosher! thanks Paul!

The original map that the map was basically copied from is 44 inches x 33 inches (roughly) with 1 inch being equal to 64 miles (sorry I don’t Kilometers at the moment).

This would equate out to 2816 miles x 2112 miles – roughly.

The scales were purposely left off the maps in the world book for a few reasons the primary one being the scales would be so different on each map that it might not make sense and would have the delayed the book much longer as we would have had to get all of that in there.  Believe me it was discussed and crushed me not to put it in there.

The new continent map which is currently being painted by William Watt (he also painted the map of Chorynth) and is probably many many months out for production, is slated to have a scale on it as are most of the newer poster maps that we will be working on.  The main continent map will have the major 70 plus Heraldry symbols in color on the map as well as other art.  It should come out quite nice!

The Map of Chorynth has a scale on it of roughly one inch to 16 miles.  It is on a 17x22 poster map and is expected to be released in about two weeks assuming the printer does it correctly.

The Arduin map (currently in production) which is extremely detailed (more than any other map I know of) is roughly 22x34 inches.  The scale on the Arduin poster map is 1 inch to 10 miles, so Arduin in this version is about 200 miles x 300 miles (very roughly) (note other versions from different and older Arduin campaigns may actually be significantly different).  This Arduin poster map is actually printed on a “parchment” “vegetable like” paper that gives an older world feel, quite nice actually.  It was an experiment that actually worked.  Again another work saved / salvaged by Paul Mosher.  Thank Paul again!  This map is a near duplicate of the original Hargrave did with some minor tweaks and some relabeled areas due to readability purposes.  The original was on coped papers of a map done in marker and colored pencils plus photo references.

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