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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hand of Ogual Ritual

Preq: APT 22, MA 18, Trd Arcanalogy
Mana: 3 C: 100 F: 15
Range: 30 M: see below Area: see below
TD: 25 Note1 Duration: see below

This useful spell takes a caster- specified portion of the contents of a container, which must in hand, on the body of, or at the feet of (within 1 ft) the caster, and paints, daubs, or coats it over the surface of a single target within 30 ft. How the material covers, how thickly, etc is up to the caster, as well as any designs or the overall artistry if they have skill in that area. So you could smear a few pounds of gunpowder on a rock, spread oil of immolation on a foe, or daub acid on a tapestry, or whatever. The spell daubs/paints at your speed and skill, so how long it takes to finish depends on you as does the area covered (which depends on the material you are using).

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