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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dourlokhe's Vault

Dourlokhe was banished from the College of Magik in Vaalguard for the dangerous arcane experiments he performed. His last and most known experiment ended with several city blocks being consumed by an watery nexus. Fleeing from justice for his actions, Dourlokhe fled to the mountains, using his magik to tunnel a great complex in the mountain rock.  

Justice had not forgotten Dourlokhe though it was many years before it caught up to him. Nearly a dozen years after his flight from Vaalguard a company of soldiers entered into Dourlokhe's Vault to bring him to justice. Within they found chaos and death. Horrible mutations and abominations lay inside, twisted things once human but not joined with crystal, steel and the flesh of beasts.

The soldiers fought their way free, losing half their number in the process. The tales told by the returning soldiers brought a steady stream of adventurers and the curious, who in turn fed the tales even more with the strange creatures and valuables they brought back from the vault.

This despoiled wonder can be found high in the slopes of the Pyonder Mountains in Viruelandia. Its entrance is blocked from normal sight unless you are right on top of the graven stones that mark the way in. Locals say the slopes glow with prismatic hues in the chill air of winter and lines of purple and green mark the way to get within the vault. 

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