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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chorynth map

Map of Chorynth:

As of 28 August 2012, the map of Chorynth is completed and in our hands from the printer.  It was a test of sort to see about combining the efforts of two artists, us at the company and a new printer.  We are rather pleased with the results and hope you are as well.

Release time is expected before but expected no later than the end of the first week in September.  The delay - well we have to get the item into the store, let stores know about it etc.  When we add this item to the inventory we also hope to add a bunch of the new miniatures that have been waiting for months to get added to the site as well.

We hope you all enjoy the map, dont forget that there is a FREE download of the basics of Chorynth available at drivetherpg, link is below.

Chorynth while part of the master map of the Continental area of Khaas in the Arduin setting is very modular, it is an island off of the southeastern coast of the main continent.  Is is ready to be plugged into ANY game system and useable with any campaign or expedition as you see fit.

Thank you and enjoy!


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