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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magic from the past (CA!)

While I normally post and talk about AE, I thought I'd share a spell that was created by a friend in LA many years ago.  He and I had a great time playing (where ever you are Mark, here's a toast to you!) though we bumped heads form time to time.  Regardless, this is one from Lament's repertoire.

Name: Laments Liquid Globes
Range: 60 ft Level: 1
Duration: 2 MR
Area: 1 cubic foot
Mana: 1

Created by the famous mage Lament one night when he was feeling lazy. He was sitting in his easy chair by the fire and discovered he had run out of ale. Feeling comfy and cozy he realized it was a long cold trek to the kitchen some sixty feet away where his ale keg resided. Instead of getting up, he spent an hour or so creating this spell. To learn it from new would cost a mage some 3 hours and 20 GS.

What this spell does is simply to create a physical force that will allow the mage to pick up any liquid within the spells range and move it about. While it was originally created as a simple home aid for a lazy mage, many uses have been found for it. In one well known case, a mage used this enchantment to pick up several gallons of water and drop them on a marauding Fire Elemental. The fire elemental was very annoyed with this tactic, but discovered to its chagrin that the mage was quite capable of repeating the spell as often as necessary. The mage's only comment after the Fire Elemental fled was " Well now, that’s what I call firewater."

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