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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magic from the past (CA!)

While I normally post and talk about AE, I thought I'd share a spell that was created by a friend in LA many years ago.  He and I had a great time playing (where ever you are Mark, here's a toast to you!) though we bumped heads form time to time.  Regardless, this is one from Lament's repertoire.

Name: Laments Liquid Globes
Range: 60 ft Level: 1
Duration: 2 MR
Area: 1 cubic foot
Mana: 1

Created by the famous mage Lament one night when he was feeling lazy. He was sitting in his easy chair by the fire and discovered he had run out of ale. Feeling comfy and cozy he realized it was a long cold trek to the kitchen some sixty feet away where his ale keg resided. Instead of getting up, he spent an hour or so creating this spell. To learn it from new would cost a mage some 3 hours and 20 GS.

What this spell does is simply to create a physical force that will allow the mage to pick up any liquid within the spells range and move it about. While it was originally created as a simple home aid for a lazy mage, many uses have been found for it. In one well known case, a mage used this enchantment to pick up several gallons of water and drop them on a marauding Fire Elemental. The fire elemental was very annoyed with this tactic, but discovered to its chagrin that the mage was quite capable of repeating the spell as often as necessary. The mage's only comment after the Fire Elemental fled was " Well now, that’s what I call firewater."

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Long Pause

Sorry for the long pause between my posts.  It has been hectic in the extreme and life has taken more than one shot at me in the last few weeks.  Despite all that, I still deeply care about Empcho and its direction.  While silence has reigned on the blog and forum, the men behind the curtain at empcho have been busy, busy, busy.

You've heard about the map of Chorynth, I sure.  That has been nearly a one man show from our esteemed president, Dave Bukata.  He deserves some serious applause for the irritation and obstacles that have been overcome in its production.  Oh, and I get a bit zealous at times too.  So, while he hasn't literally done everything alone, if you have every ran down a project from start to finish where people are literally in different parts of the US, funds are an up and down occasion, and people have life plaguing them with a mess of challenges -- you'll understand what I mean when I say it.  Still, its only fair to mention he had some great help:

Hats off to the following folks, whose hard work and talent are also a glorious part of Arduin.

William Watt - master painter of the map
Mark Allen -- another artistic master of the map
Josie - whose work turned a scruffy bit of faded paper into the first digital versions
Me -- I'll take a bow, I guess
George De Rosa -- our indomitable VP
Paul Mosher -- for giving us that faded scruffy bit of paper in the first place
and Dave Hargrave -- the one who originally made the map for which this one stand on.
Back to my diatribe.  Dave has been the primary catalyst behind the work that has gone into converting the world book of khaas and AE into a digital product to make it more accessible.  I am proud to say that shortly pieces of the World Book will be appearing in numerous online venues in digital format.  We hope this will spread the glory of Arduin and its majesty to a broader audience and make it less expensive to experience.  Additionally, with critical parts of AE becoming a digital product, we can provide interested fans who may have been unable to gain access to it, something more reasonable to work with.

So, while we have been rather quiet, its not without cause.  Running a small business in this economic environment, especially when you are trying to be lean enough to survive and yet still deliver quality products, its tough.  We are committed to doing it and hope you will agree as more of our efforts come to light.

Monty St John

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Digital Downloads

In our efforts to get more information about Arduin out to everyone, we are working on putting a lot of our content with a respectable digital provider.  If you have a favorite or would like to share what digital provider you use on a regular basis, then please post a comment and let us know.