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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Warrior Profession Q & A

After receiving a few notes here and there about Warriors, I wanted to consolidate the questions and answers in a single location.  None of these change anything within profession.  They do, however, clear up a couple of confusing areas.  Also, the below list is only the ones I have received questions on.  If you have additional questions about other profession options, please post in the comments section and I'll answer and update this post.

In Profession Options

  • Dirty Fighter - You gain the Street Style martial art, ignoring its prerequisites. This doesn't mean you gain them, just that you ignore them.  
    • You only ignore the prerequisites to learn the martial art, but not the prerequisites of any of its secrets.  To gain those secrets, you'll need to meet the requirements.
  • Favored Weapon -allows you to add your WITS score to one of CF, ATK or DEF.  
    • If you take this option and apply it to CF, note the adjustment in full. The option cannot lower the CF of the WEAPON any lower than zero. However, if the WEAPON is penalized for some reason, you can use any excess bonus to adjust the CF penalty of the weapon against this additional penalty.
    • The bonus is skill based and not part of the weapon or its bonuses.  It can only be negated if your Warrior profession skill is negated or rendered powerless. 
  • Power Packed Swings - Please remember it requires 25 or greater skill ranks in the weapon, not total bonus.  This includes weapon classes/groups as well.
    • To gain the benefits of a "power packed swing", it has to be a weapon that you can apply a BODY damage bonus. Thus, it doesn't work with a bow unless its a power bow capable of applying BODY damage or a firearm.
    • You can apply this to the damage of Martial Arts styles WEAPONs as long as you can apply a BODY damage bonus.
  • Take a Path -This takes both profession options if you select it.  Also, calculate your skill ranks and skills for the Warrior Profession prior to taking your Path.
  • Trained Beginner -  If you took the Weapons Group election, the advancement bonus applies to the weapons group (instead of weapons class like it says).
  • Weapons Trained - The bonuses listed are bonuses, not skill ranks.  So if you took the +20 election, its a +20 bonus to that weapons class, NOT 20 skill ranks in that weapons class.

In  Profession Skill

You average your core skills to determine your profession skill.  If you leave your profession for a path or even another profession and return, you recompute your profession skill based on any changes that have occurred.  This means that you could leave your warrior profession to be a gladiator, spend time there and then return to being a warrior and see your warrior profession skill go up when you return.


  • Abandonment -  The secret works with melee and missile weapons. This category includes firearms, laser weapons and other weapons whose use depends on your physical capability to deliver damage.
    • Abandonment includes any defensive or offensive capability you gain, even if secrets or powers provide them. So if you use the Guard skill and All-Out Defense while using the Abandonment secret to lower your DEF, you would not gain the bonuses it provides to DEF.
  • Follow Through - The additional attack is a normal attack and cannot be modified by a secret or other ability beyond normal.
  • Irresistible Blow - Some people have believed this secret duplicates the Secret Attack secret under the Combat skill. They are related but differ in important ways.  
    • They have different prerequisites.
    • Irresistible Blow builds on Mighty Blows which builds on Dismember.
    • Irresistible Blow requires a normal & quickened action. It cannot be Dodged, Parried, Stopped, Eluded, Blocked, etc. if you connect. This is in contrast to Secret Blow which only prevents Dodge, Parry, & Block actions. For example, some martial arts provided a reverse or redirect ability versus attacks: Irresistible Blow would prevent these from working while Secret Attack would not.
    • Irresistible Blow adds the bonus +1 for every 3 Warrior skill ranks to rolls on the critical success chart.
  • Momentum Strike - The additional attack gained is a standard attack and cannot employ a secret or other action along with it.
  • Parting Blow -This secret applies only to enemies that quit fighting you in melee combat and does not apply to missile weapons, either ones you use or that others are using against you.
    • Disengagement is more than switching from attacking you to attacking another person. The foe  must stop fighting you and retreat or move away to engage another foe. The movement must be at least enough to move out of the normal range of your weapons; you gain the chance to attack as they move away, treating the attack as an interrupt action.
    • If they engage and disengage more than once, you gain this attack each time they do it.
    • Your disengagement from them does NOT give you the attack.  You gain the attack by exploiting their weaknesses.  They must disengage from you.

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