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Friday, May 11, 2012

PER checks and acute senses

A question was asked about PER checks when a racial option provides an ability where you can detect within a TD range, such as anything of TD 300 or less or something similar one.
How it works is pretty straight forward.  Anything below the stated threshold (TD 300) for instance is automatically detected if vulnerable to the stated sense.  So if the sense was sight then you would detect things vulnerable to sight.  Something that can only be detected via hearing wouldn't though you would have your normal chances to detect it.  As you do when TD are greater than your listed threshold.   Which begs for an example.
Lets say you are normally +78 PER but have acute hearing for TD 300 or less.  This means you could track someone by hearing in a crowded bazaar separating out the voices and noise of it everything around you.  Where it would not help is when glancing a document with hidden visual.clues.  or diving a secret door.
It could help.with ambush though.  Generally speaking the chance to detect an ambush or weather the effects of the ambush are based on PER.  Hearing and smell, when used to detect ambush are TD 100 worse.  So if I set an ambush with a combat of 140, the person with enhanced sight or hearing will detect it, ie 140 + 100 = 240 versus the auto TD 300 detection.  However the detection won't be until you are on the edge of or right in the ambush zone.  This differs from detection using the combat skill.  It will tell you where a good ambush site exists (TD 75) if one is set up there if you beat the ambush TD.  Detecting the ambush means you see it before you enter in to it potentially so distance or advantage away (depends on the GM).

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