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Saturday, May 19, 2012

MAPS and Modules:

The map of Chorynth is in its final stages at the artist.  We are working on choosing a printer now.  The Chorynth map is clearly suitable for ALL FRP or other game systems.

The main continent map on Khaas as you may well know has been started.  It has been laid out and the painting of it has begun, estimate of completion is unknown.  The size of this map is huge - It is being painted 34.25 x 45 inches.  We hope to print it on this size (1 or two pieces - unknown at this time).  It will be painted in a similar fashion to the map of Chorynth.

The Window of the Mother module is being laid out and art is in the middle stages (though we dont anticipate art being a major hangup).  The Window of the Mother is a small module based out of Falohyr.

Other modules in near final written stages include at least 1 or 2 for Chorynth.

Here is a very small taste of the UNFINISHED map of Chorynth:


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