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Thursday, May 3, 2012

List of Weapon Classes

This was requested by email, a list of the weapon classes.  So, here we go!

  • Pole Arms. Pole arms such as the Halberd, Pole Axe, and Glaive.
  • Spears. Spears and hand held thrusting pole arms such as the Short Spear, Long Spear, Yari, Pike, Trident.
  • Missile Pole Arms. Javelin, throwing spear, and pila.
  • Two-Handed Impact arms. Two-handed blunt weapons such as the Maul, 2-hd Flail, or 2-hd War Hammer.
  • Maces and Clubs. Maces and hand held impact weapons such as the Hammer, Pick, or Club.
  • Two-Handed Blades. Two-handed bladed weapons such as the 2-hd Sword, 2-hd Axe, Daito, Bastard Sword, Claymore, and Flamberge.
  • Long Blades. Long bladed weapons such as the Broad Sword, Saber, Estoc, Tulwar, Falchion, Rapier, and Scimitar.
  • Short Blades. Short bladed weapons such as the Short sword, Cutlass, Dagger, Kukri, Dagger, Katar, Bagh Nakh.
  • Heavy Throwing Arms. Tomahawk, Chupa, Martiobarbuli
  • Light Throwing Arms. Knife, Dagger, shuriken, darts, boomerang, grenade, etc.
  • Impact Bladed. Axes and axe-like weapons such as the Hand Axe, Battle Axe, or Jhang.
  • Flails and Chains. Chains and Flails and chain like weapons.
  • Bows. Bows such as the shortbow, longbow or horsebow.
  • Crossbows. Crossbows, including the pellet bow, light, heavy, and 4-shot.
  • Slings. Slings of all stripes, regardless of ammunition.
  • Firearms. All firearms.
  • Claws. Weapons strapped to or held close to the hands. Cestus, Bagh Nakh, Katar, etc. Also covers natural claw weapons.

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