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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attack magik and such

Its funny that this topic came up in conversation.  Or, rather in email.  In speaking to a new fan on the topic of Latin they asked why there was so few attack spells.  They had went on to say that they were going to have to convert a some of their favorites to feel like their was a good spread of powerful attack spells available.

I can honestly say I'm not surprised.  When first considered the balance of Latin in the game I went for a relatively even spread with a lean towards having more utility magic than attack magik.   The reasoning is simple.  Most people have no problem devising or converting attacking magik from other systems.  More often the utility magic or your non attack or defense styled magic was the most often missing in magic systems.

To combat this I wanted a good foundation of this style of magic for people to see how to construct it and to provide more capability in the magic spectrum beyond dozens of attack and defense magic. 

Of course for those that find that the balance insufficient they can convert old favorites like gent that emailed me.

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