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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Were creature rules


Were-creatures are born, created by magik, or brought into existence by affliction, either disease or genetic manipulation. How you become a were-creature, decides what moon, or moons, control your destiny. Beings born with the blood may choose their moon. Those cursed with the existence are bound to the red moon or the blue moon. Those given it by affliction are bound to the influence of the red moon. Regardless of how made, the following attributes apply:

  • Can assume an alternate form but only as regulated by the moon. When the moon is full and present in the sky, you take on your alternate form. Shifting form takes d6+14 minutes and you'll stay in your alternate form for 2d12 hours. Until you learn the Unbind the Moon secret, you remember nothing you do during this period of time and have no control over what happens.
  • Vulnerable to one element, typically silver, though everything from copper to glass is possible as a vulnerability.
  • Outside of this element you are vulnerable to, you have a form of weak regeneration that allows you to heal damage as long as you are alive, at a rate of 1 HP every minute. Damage from the element heals only poorly, however, and cannot be regenerated, and instead takes three times the normal rate to heal

In game, this mysterious existence is governed akin to a Rite or Path, one with secrets to eventually controlling the change and outcomes. Treat your were-creature ability like a skill for the way it advances  but only that; you cannot spend EPS to add ranks to it. Once you learn Unbind the Moon or if you were born with the blood, you can mark it for advancement like you would a skill each time you change or attempt to change.


You were born this way, i.e., took the Racial Option.
Bonus: You begin with 10 ranks in your were-creature. You can only pass on your were-creature ability by blood. Not all will inherit the capability.
  • If you spend another Racial Choice, you can start with the secret Unbind the Moon and have normal regeneration of 1 HP per m/r, 1 attribute/characteristic per minute, though the element that harms you only heals normally. If you are slain by it you die like you would normally.
  • If you spend another Racial Choice, you may add a +20 Advancement bonus to your were-creature rolls for advancement.

CURSED [Were-Creature]

You were cursed, via ritual, magik or otherwise, into being a were beast.
Bonus: The curse can be lifted (see GM for strength). You cannot pass on the were-creature curse. Additionally, curse of less than OP 3 strength fail to affect you as well. The cursed are limited to Experienced or lower secrets.

AFFLICTED [Were-Creature]

You were diseased or manipulated by genetic change into being a were beast.
Bonus: The affliction can be changed or repaired (see GM for strength). While afflicted you are immune to diseases. You pass on your affliction in some manner, typically through saliva though depending on your beast form this can change as needed. The afflicted are limited to Experienced or lower secrets.

Anthropomorphic Progression, Hasten Shift, Unbind The Moon
Moon Kissed Constitution, Unshackle The Moon
Moonless, Quickened Change
Hybrid Form, Instant Shift
Subtle Shifting
Union of Form
Complete Fusion

Prerequisite: Proficient
Your were-creature form gains access to its advancement and can progress as you do in your other form. Consult your GM or the appropriate bestiary for the advancement cycle of your were-side and what things can be increased.

HASTEN SHIFT [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Proficient
Ordinarily the shift from one form into the other takes d6+14 minutes. You reduce this time to melee rounds instead.

UNBIND THE MOON [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Proficient
Learn to gain some control over when you change shape. When your moon is in the sky you can control your changes with a TD 100 were-creature check. If you control the change you also maintain sentience and reason while in your were-creature form. Otherwise you act only with bestial instinct and have no memory except in flashes of what happened during that time.

Prerequisite: Trained, Anthropomorphic Progression
Your weak regeneration changes to normal regeneration of 1 HP per m/r, 1 attribute/characteristic per minute, though you are still harmed as noted by your weakness and will die if slain by it. Otherwise you will regenerate back to life if not destroyed as noted under the regeneration rules. If you have regeneration through Born With The Blood, you heal twice as quickly.

UNSHACKLE THE MOON [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Trained, Unbind the Moon
Gain greater control over when you change shape. You can change while any moon hangs visible in the sky with a TD 100. Even if you fail, you retain memory of your actions while in your alternate form but cannot control them.

MOONLESS [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Experienced, Unshackle the Moon, Physical Resolve [Self Control]
You can shift at any time desired, day or night with a TD 100 check. Additionally, you can influence creatures of your wereform as if you were in that form, e.g., make social, perform and other like checks regardless of what form you are in.

QUICKENED CHANGE [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Experienced, Hasten Shift, Suck It Up [Self Control]
Your shift now takes d20+20 CF Counts instead of d6+14 melee rounds.

HYBRID FORM [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Specialist, Moonless, Discipline [Self Control]
You can assume forms somewhere between your two forms, including partial changes. The hybrid form shift requires a TD 125 were-creature check. The partial changes are just that and are not as effective as the real thing and only operate as two-thirds normal ability. So, if you assumed a hybrid form with wings, you flying ability wouldn't be at full strength and you would look something half in one world and half in another. Hybrid shifts take d3+1 times as long as a normal change to make and required a TD 100 Self Control check every minute to maintain.

INSTANT SHIFT [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Specialist, Quickened Change, Detachment [Self Control]
Can shift with a full CF Action instead of the normal d20+20 CF Counts.

SUBTLE SHIFTING [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Expert, Hybrid Form, Instant Shift, Steel Resolve [Self Control]
Normal shifts are performed without a were-creature check. You can also subtly blend your two forms, replacing one thing from one form with something from the other, blending the elements seamlessly and at full strength with a TD 150 were-creature check.

UNION OF FORM [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Genius, Subtle Shifting, Metabolic Control [Self Control], Focal Link [Ceremony]
Your two forms become nearly one being.
  • Any shift takes only a normal action to complete.
  • Hybrid and Subtle shifting is performed without a were-creature check.
  • Sensory ability is shared completely between forms, taking the best of both and maintaining any variety between the two. Thus, if you can see magnetic flickers and true north in one form and the other can see in the dark twice as far, your vision is a union of the two. Same goes for the other senses.
  • Aging among both forms is set for the best of either and then, only two-thirds the normal rate.

COMPLETE FUSION [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Legendary, Union of Form, Implacable [Self Control], Gift of Power [Ceremony]
You and your were-creature form are one being, complete fused together.
  • Take on the best attributes, characteristics, defenses, etc., of the two forms, regardless of what form you are in at the time.
  • Your weakness is lessened and while it nauseates (see condition) it can be regenerated like other damage.

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