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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stasis space vs zero-dimensional space vs thought pockets

A discussion came up the other night about different types of "holding" that was present in the game.  I was able to clarify some points that were plaguing a few of the players.

Stasis space represents a connection, usually via a pouch, backpack, box, etc. to an extra-dimensional space.  The item allows access into and out of the holding space.  If all items connected to the space are destroyed, then the space collapses and ejects everything within it into the space where the previous access item existed.  So, if you destroy up a pouch of stasis space, everything in it comes flying out.  Additionally, stasis space can be intruded on.  It physically exists somewhere, though typically in a arcane space carved in another dimension or in-between dimensions to make it secure.  So, with the right means, they could be located and entered since they exist somewhere.

Zero-dimensional spaces are flat dimensional spaces.  They are always put on something and the etching, tattoo, paint, etc. acts as the way in/out of the space.  Like stasis space, they provide extra-dimensional space but the space doesn't actually exist in a material way like stasis space.  Zero-dimensional space uses a paradox of energy (Arduinian Effect - see Engineering skill) to form the space and keep things in their safe.  The weakness of zero-dimensional space is they are materially dependent on whatever they are attached to.  If you have a zero-dimensional space tattooed on the palms of your hands and they get eaten by a Quarl, then the zero-dimensional space is destroyed along with everything in it!  When they lose that material attachment, they cease to exist along with everything in it.

Thought pockets are like the top two but different as well.  They are specifically tied to the psychic's life force and if that person dies (completely.  Not into ESS or regenerating but actually dead...) then the pocket ceases to exist and destroys those things within it as well.  Like Stasis space they are vulnerable to intrusion but otherwise are very convenient.  They, effectively, can hold nearly anything, including living beings and the sort depending on they are built. 

So, each type has its virtues but some weaknesses as well.  Keep that in mind when you decide what you want to use as a character.

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  1. I have used with some of my characters a slightly different version but similar in effect to stasis space. First create a storage area or vault. Then create the apparatus to draw items from the vault, whether it be a bag or whatever. That way, with an actual, physical structure if the item used to access the area is destroyed one would just need to make another access device.