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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spell: Render Inert Gunpowder

Figured it was time for a spell.  A more powerful one than I normally post out.  So, enjoy one of OP 8.

Render Inert Gunpowder– OP 8

Preq: 36+ APT, 34+ MA, Expert Channel, Expert Arcanalogy, Mana Cauldron [Arcanalogy], Energy Depletion [Channel]
Mana: 47 C: 99 F: 19
Range: 300 M: none Area: see below
Duration: 2 minutes
Targets an area 100 ft square, rendering gunpowder in the area inert and useless. The effect is stationary though unmarked in any manner.


  1. Humm the reverse of this spell would be sweet. Ritual creating an area that detonates anything flameable that is brought into it... muhahaha

  2. very true. Makes for a good trap...

  3. I was thinking after I wrote it... Maybe have it put a delayed fuse on igniting everything... So everyone gets a chance to get into the area... muhahahah