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Monday, April 23, 2012

A specialist versus a generalist

I was thinking about certain observations as I was laying about after surgery.  I've three people in my personal group approaching or at legendary.  When I say legendary I mean in secrets not just skill.   Its interesting to note that the person who kept a straight focus and spent their experience in skills and secrets that aligned with their profession has the strongest secrets if they have fewer of them in comparison. 

As an example, the specialist is a martial artist and is genius heading to legendary.  They have met all but two of the secrets requirements for their legendary path secret and are waiting on purely skill increases to buy those.

The generalists, however are only just now attaining genius and are nowhere even near moving towards their legendary requirements.  they have a broader base, as one was a warrior turned gladiator turned warrior again and the other was a sage turned herbalist turned culinarion. 

For me its wonderful to see the system in action.  I've played many systems where the diffusion of power is artificially enforced, such as with experience penalties for every additional class you take on, caps on how far you can advance, or just an impossibility to be broad based.  You know the engineer who is also a good fighter, dancer, historian, magic user, singer of tales, and, oh was a thief in a past life.

The AE system allows for all this without a kludge work around to enforce it or a mechanical limit to prevent the consolidation of too much power.  You have a pool of experience to draw from and use.  how you employ it is up to you.  You can spread that experience out to be a jack of all trades or follow a tight path.  Its all up to you.

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