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Monday, April 9, 2012

Skyships and airships

Just a note more than anything.  In Arduin skyships are magical in nature using an arcane or faith engine as well as means of navigation.  Air ships are Techno in origin, akin to our real world air ships and some that have not existed outside of fantasy.

The country of Arduin has a thriving industry of both though skyships are truly strong in the countries of Maelshyra, zirhaine and Chund.  The hub of air ships is in the dreaming isles and bossalia.


  1. I haven't seen any comments about it but can magic and techno work together on similar items, like adding enchantments to the airships?

  2. short answer: yes. Mechanically AE works just fine with you mixing and matching the two together. Ideologically it might be a conflict but that's in the GM's arena. so, you could have a skyship with a airship motor, for example, using an arcane power source with a techno coupling to translate the energy. Or any other combination.

    Now, in Arduin, the world of khaas, mavericks and a few other errant souls put the two together. The philosophical differences are too much for the mainstream, who tend to use one or the other only. Not only for pragmatic reasons (maintenance would kill you) but also political and economic ones. A lot of guilds won't trade or even work with people who use technology and vice versa. Its entrenched in their culture and fabric of their society due to history, religion and dozens of other reasons. Khorsarians, for instance would lynch someone with technology and destroy their ship, as they are very fearful of technology due to past history and religious fallout from excessive use of it.