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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rite of Life Leap

As I mentioned previously, I'll be posting some of the rites.  I posted a rare but powerful rite a few days ago.  This is an example of a more common, obviously less powerful one.  Enjoy.

Life Leap

Preq:  40+ APT, Exp Ceremony, Exp Channel, Knowledge of OP 3 rituals
Special:  250 Faith
APT: 100/1
C:  100
F: 6
Range: 0
Time: 12 hours
TD:  100
Duration:  Permanent
Learn:  see below
Influence: Person/All

A very common celebration of life ritual performed by most religions. The rite permanently raises your ESS by d2+2. Typically bestowed on followers as a gift, to aid in fighting off a powerful malaise or to prepare them for a particularly arduous fight, quest or conflict. Obviously, since its a rite, it can only be attempted once and once only.


  1. 250 faith. So I am assuming this is a communal rite where the church all pitches in to the person?

    1. You got it. When people come to the shrine, temple, place of worship, etc. they leave faith which resides with the altar, or focus of worship.

  2. Now this brought another question to my mind. Do churches form faith pools generated by attendance and prayer? Probably making it a very silly idea to attack a large church with a regular service?

    1. I've an article in the works about this but I'll toss out a sneak peek. When people come and worship, they generate a certain amount of faith that they leave with the temple. This is put in the altar or other focus of the faith. The large the pool of power, the stronger the demesne of the sacred area and the more effects it can produce. I'll leave the rest to the article as it does more justice to what I'm talking about.

      Still, to answer your question, yes, it would be foolish to fight a follower of a deity that can call on the sacred places' power. Unless you are really damn powerful.