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Friday, April 20, 2012


Among the Rhingaloreans, those who took up the mastery of voice and rune, were known as Hvard.  These Runesingers were highly regarded, though few, and considered among the top masters of the nation's magic users.  While the Rhingalorean dwarves are no more, the ancient traditions of the Hvard have persisted in the dwarves that came after and one and a while a dwarf is met who claims the title of Hvard. 

A title of respect.  A title of power.

Beyond their runesinging capability, the Hvard were also caretakers of the Rhingelorean legacy, their treasures and knowledge.  Sound, music and singing was part of the fabric of their culture, though in subtle ways more than overt ones.   The voice of  Hvard is akin to that of the Runetongued in Vorgundia, though they have no need to mar their tongues with runes in order to speak them.  Hvard were masters of the subsonic, the hidden sound and song.

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