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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gift of the Prismatic Dragon Bird

An example of powerful rite was requested a while back, as well as a list of "common ones".  I'll be posting those as the week continues but I wanted to provide the powerful one first.  This rite confers lightning immunity, just like Lightning Eater (I'll post that next).   Unlike Lightning Eater though, this rite has a low chance of failure and provides the immunity without strings.

Gift of the Prismatic Dragon Bird

Preq:  70+ APT, Genius Ceremony, Expert Channel, Gestalt [Ceremony], Knowledge of OP 7 rituals
SpecialOne Prismatic Dragon Bird feather (Very Good quality or better), 2 ounces of Cadrium ground with silver vinegar, One pound of Falohyrian Red Bark, 2 ounces of screaming scarlet itchies egg deposits (gall), One ounce of Iron Vitriol 
APT: 5100/50
C:  100
F: 3
Range: 0
Time: 8 hours
TD:  225
Duration:  Permanent
Learn:  see below
Influence: Any/All
A rare but well documented rite that confers immunity to lightning. Its referred to often in history and considered "created" or at least, first documented during the great Wars of Darkness. Dragon birds were more common back then since they were used as a form of cavalry by the Faerie Lords that joined in the battle against the Titans. The components listed are enough to affect a being of 45 BODY or less.  Six hours of the eight required hours are the amount of time needed to mix the pigment to imprint in the body of the target of the rite.  The rite  can only be done once; additional uses of the rite or attempts to do so provide not benefit.  While well known and documented, the components are exceedingly difficult to find or purchase.


  1. I thought you said rare ingredients... I think Nilo has that stuff laying around his loft, almost through it OUT!

  2. What a joker! Got yourself a Cadrium stash, do you?

  3. Yep, won it in a card game while the GM was tucking in his daughter. Gotta love those slight of hand skills! Didn't know what it was, almost mixed it with a the colored feathers to make some paint and liven up the walls!