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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fighting Multiple Enemies

fighting multiple enemies.  This should be in the errata updates.  However:  Every additional person that can surround you provides a bonus to all foes to hit you.  Divide your SIZE by 10, rounding up.  Each person behind this number gets a bonus of +10 per person that surrounds you past this value, and +20 if more than double surround you.

example.  A person of size 8/10 = 1.  Every person beyond one gives everyone a bonus of +10.  So, if 2 people surround you, they all hit at a +20 (+20 per person).  If 3 people managed to stack around you, then it would be +60 (+20 each, since 3 exceeds the double threshold).

If you are Size 14, then that number would be 2.  So, say you are surrounding a centaur of SIZE 14.  It would take 3 more people to get the +10 bonus and more than 4 to get the +20 bonus.

Of course, you don't have to use these but they do lend towards adding realism.

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