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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A breath of the past...

A little something from the past. The Time Lords are a bit of Arduin history that is touched upon but not really detailed.  Most know of the Caverns of the Time Lords, where they were imprisoned by the forces of the Runeweavers in those desperate times.  Many events and conflicts led up to that final solution.  One of those particular events is the Abbey of Stopped Time.  An ancient monastary said frozen in time by the Time Lords to stop a cabal of Runeweavers from casting a High Rune of Devastation. Occasionally stumbled upon, the few travelers said to have visited it claim the runeweavers are still living but have taken on a monk-like life. Also credited as experts of odd lore and, of course, of the past. Supposedly found at the base of the Heaven Wall Mountains where it meets the Withered Lands.

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