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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It seemed time to release another herb for you to enjoy.  This one, obviously, is not in the core book but I think you'll find it useful.  Its part of the *combat/adventurer* herb set.
Description: A purple to black fungus, usually hand-sized and flat, growing off hard wood trees.
APT: 10*
Climate: All but arctic and wintry climes. Locality: all but desert or arctic zones.
Time: see use
Search TD: 200
Use TD: 50
Normal: Can be used as a power component in spells, providing a +2 CRIT and +2 Fumble bonuses or less to spells.
*** Rare use require Find True Essence to activate. ***
Rare: Can absorb any spell, prayer or ritual up to OP 4 that includes you in its effect, crumbling into dust after the absorption. If the spell is an area effect one, it only negates the spell for you. Spells not immediately centered on you are unaffected by this Areanlys except as previously noted.
Hidden: None.


  1. Does this require a free use to activate or does the herb activate on the next spell cast on/around you without discrimination?

  2. Once its been treated with Find True Essence it will absorb the next spell, prayer or ritual that includes you in its effect. Its considered "always on" from the point its awoken. Herbalists usually "wake up" these herbs right before they need them.