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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abbraxadon (general history)

Once among the mightiest of deities, Abbraxadon is now regulated to little more than a demigod and rapidly fading beyond this degree of power.  His once great following of people is now few in number and influence, regulated to the border areas of the jungles of the Green Hell and little in great numbers elsewhere.  The Father of All Demons is credited as the sire to all current demonic entities, including the Greater Demons.  While this is likely untrue in the physical sense, all demons, including the Greater ones, grudgingly show Abbraxadon a certain amount of subservience.  There is the possibility that Abbraxadon was the first true demonic entity to bridge the nexus to Khaas during the inchoate past and headed the early domination of Khaas by demonic entities.  If this were true, it would explain the certain reverence (and hatred) demonic beings in general have for Abbraxadon.  While Swamp Saurig, Humans, and Orcs constitute the great bulk of its membership, any who find delight in chaos, tenderness in the despicable, and love with the macabre truly have a place with Abbraxadon.

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