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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Were creature rules


Were-creatures are born, created by magik, or brought into existence by affliction, either disease or genetic manipulation. How you become a were-creature, decides what moon, or moons, control your destiny. Beings born with the blood may choose their moon. Those cursed with the existence are bound to the red moon or the blue moon. Those given it by affliction are bound to the influence of the red moon. Regardless of how made, the following attributes apply:

  • Can assume an alternate form but only as regulated by the moon. When the moon is full and present in the sky, you take on your alternate form. Shifting form takes d6+14 minutes and you'll stay in your alternate form for 2d12 hours. Until you learn the Unbind the Moon secret, you remember nothing you do during this period of time and have no control over what happens.
  • Vulnerable to one element, typically silver, though everything from copper to glass is possible as a vulnerability.
  • Outside of this element you are vulnerable to, you have a form of weak regeneration that allows you to heal damage as long as you are alive, at a rate of 1 HP every minute. Damage from the element heals only poorly, however, and cannot be regenerated, and instead takes three times the normal rate to heal

In game, this mysterious existence is governed akin to a Rite or Path, one with secrets to eventually controlling the change and outcomes. Treat your were-creature ability like a skill for the way it advances  but only that; you cannot spend EPS to add ranks to it. Once you learn Unbind the Moon or if you were born with the blood, you can mark it for advancement like you would a skill each time you change or attempt to change.


You were born this way, i.e., took the Racial Option.
Bonus: You begin with 10 ranks in your were-creature. You can only pass on your were-creature ability by blood. Not all will inherit the capability.
  • If you spend another Racial Choice, you can start with the secret Unbind the Moon and have normal regeneration of 1 HP per m/r, 1 attribute/characteristic per minute, though the element that harms you only heals normally. If you are slain by it you die like you would normally.
  • If you spend another Racial Choice, you may add a +20 Advancement bonus to your were-creature rolls for advancement.

CURSED [Were-Creature]

You were cursed, via ritual, magik or otherwise, into being a were beast.
Bonus: The curse can be lifted (see GM for strength). You cannot pass on the were-creature curse. Additionally, curse of less than OP 3 strength fail to affect you as well. The cursed are limited to Experienced or lower secrets.

AFFLICTED [Were-Creature]

You were diseased or manipulated by genetic change into being a were beast.
Bonus: The affliction can be changed or repaired (see GM for strength). While afflicted you are immune to diseases. You pass on your affliction in some manner, typically through saliva though depending on your beast form this can change as needed. The afflicted are limited to Experienced or lower secrets.

Anthropomorphic Progression, Hasten Shift, Unbind The Moon
Moon Kissed Constitution, Unshackle The Moon
Moonless, Quickened Change
Hybrid Form, Instant Shift
Subtle Shifting
Union of Form
Complete Fusion

Prerequisite: Proficient
Your were-creature form gains access to its advancement and can progress as you do in your other form. Consult your GM or the appropriate bestiary for the advancement cycle of your were-side and what things can be increased.

HASTEN SHIFT [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Proficient
Ordinarily the shift from one form into the other takes d6+14 minutes. You reduce this time to melee rounds instead.

UNBIND THE MOON [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Proficient
Learn to gain some control over when you change shape. When your moon is in the sky you can control your changes with a TD 100 were-creature check. If you control the change you also maintain sentience and reason while in your were-creature form. Otherwise you act only with bestial instinct and have no memory except in flashes of what happened during that time.

Prerequisite: Trained, Anthropomorphic Progression
Your weak regeneration changes to normal regeneration of 1 HP per m/r, 1 attribute/characteristic per minute, though you are still harmed as noted by your weakness and will die if slain by it. Otherwise you will regenerate back to life if not destroyed as noted under the regeneration rules. If you have regeneration through Born With The Blood, you heal twice as quickly.

UNSHACKLE THE MOON [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Trained, Unbind the Moon
Gain greater control over when you change shape. You can change while any moon hangs visible in the sky with a TD 100. Even if you fail, you retain memory of your actions while in your alternate form but cannot control them.

MOONLESS [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Experienced, Unshackle the Moon, Physical Resolve [Self Control]
You can shift at any time desired, day or night with a TD 100 check. Additionally, you can influence creatures of your wereform as if you were in that form, e.g., make social, perform and other like checks regardless of what form you are in.

QUICKENED CHANGE [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Experienced, Hasten Shift, Suck It Up [Self Control]
Your shift now takes d20+20 CF Counts instead of d6+14 melee rounds.

HYBRID FORM [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Specialist, Moonless, Discipline [Self Control]
You can assume forms somewhere between your two forms, including partial changes. The hybrid form shift requires a TD 125 were-creature check. The partial changes are just that and are not as effective as the real thing and only operate as two-thirds normal ability. So, if you assumed a hybrid form with wings, you flying ability wouldn't be at full strength and you would look something half in one world and half in another. Hybrid shifts take d3+1 times as long as a normal change to make and required a TD 100 Self Control check every minute to maintain.

INSTANT SHIFT [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Specialist, Quickened Change, Detachment [Self Control]
Can shift with a full CF Action instead of the normal d20+20 CF Counts.

SUBTLE SHIFTING [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Expert, Hybrid Form, Instant Shift, Steel Resolve [Self Control]
Normal shifts are performed without a were-creature check. You can also subtly blend your two forms, replacing one thing from one form with something from the other, blending the elements seamlessly and at full strength with a TD 150 were-creature check.

UNION OF FORM [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Genius, Subtle Shifting, Metabolic Control [Self Control], Focal Link [Ceremony]
Your two forms become nearly one being.
  • Any shift takes only a normal action to complete.
  • Hybrid and Subtle shifting is performed without a were-creature check.
  • Sensory ability is shared completely between forms, taking the best of both and maintaining any variety between the two. Thus, if you can see magnetic flickers and true north in one form and the other can see in the dark twice as far, your vision is a union of the two. Same goes for the other senses.
  • Aging among both forms is set for the best of either and then, only two-thirds the normal rate.

COMPLETE FUSION [Were-creature]
Prerequisite: Legendary, Union of Form, Implacable [Self Control], Gift of Power [Ceremony]
You and your were-creature form are one being, complete fused together.
  • Take on the best attributes, characteristics, defenses, etc., of the two forms, regardless of what form you are in at the time.
  • Your weakness is lessened and while it nauseates (see condition) it can be regenerated like other damage.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chain Whip stats

This was requested.  Enjoy.

[Flails and Chains category]
ATK: 3
CF: -2
DEF: 5
DME: d6+3
CRIT: 94
F: 9A
Type: Slash or Pierce
ER: S - M
BODY: 5 - 50
Cost: 3 GC
You can make a Lunge (see Combat skill) maneuver and recover without expending a quickened action to do so.
You can make Grab & Knockdown maneuvers with a chain whip, using your Weapon skill in place of the Athletics skill check (these attacks do not inflict weapon damage). See each in the Melee section (pg 451).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Physically these are twin streams in Khorsar that while not wide are extremely deep, reaching depths of 25 to 40 ft in some places.  Otherwise they are names of power and sworn to in oaths.  As entities they are seen as powerful spirits with near divine powers.

Ankor-Backo water is supposedly some of the best water to quench metal in and is prized by many smiths, engineers, wizards and others for its properties.   The twins of Ankor-Backo (the village that sits at the sole place where the two streams touch) were said to prophesy the waters that swept Khorsar, the coming of the Hell Bore and the rise of the nineteen demons that ate the Seven Sons of Segotoi and the one who slew them all in a single night.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abbraxadon (general history)

Once among the mightiest of deities, Abbraxadon is now regulated to little more than a demigod and rapidly fading beyond this degree of power.  His once great following of people is now few in number and influence, regulated to the border areas of the jungles of the Green Hell and little in great numbers elsewhere.  The Father of All Demons is credited as the sire to all current demonic entities, including the Greater Demons.  While this is likely untrue in the physical sense, all demons, including the Greater ones, grudgingly show Abbraxadon a certain amount of subservience.  There is the possibility that Abbraxadon was the first true demonic entity to bridge the nexus to Khaas during the inchoate past and headed the early domination of Khaas by demonic entities.  If this were true, it would explain the certain reverence (and hatred) demonic beings in general have for Abbraxadon.  While Swamp Saurig, Humans, and Orcs constitute the great bulk of its membership, any who find delight in chaos, tenderness in the despicable, and love with the macabre truly have a place with Abbraxadon.

Adjuren Disaster

Sometimes the past is the path to the present.   Adjuren was a Mealik Marvaan master, who, while flashy and a bit vain was powerful.  Unlucky though.  He was out for dinner and had the misfortune to be sitting at an outside cafe waiting for his latest paramour, when a struggling group of adventurers broke the vessel they were fighting over and inadvertently summoned a Hellflash (wrongly attributed  to Adjuren) in the town of Glisianoc on the border of Falohyr.  Its end result was the decimation of much of the population of the town, Adjuren’s death (last seen in the bowels of the demon), and a toppling of the temple to the Earth Mother.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A specialist versus a generalist

I was thinking about certain observations as I was laying about after surgery.  I've three people in my personal group approaching or at legendary.  When I say legendary I mean in secrets not just skill.   Its interesting to note that the person who kept a straight focus and spent their experience in skills and secrets that aligned with their profession has the strongest secrets if they have fewer of them in comparison. 

As an example, the specialist is a martial artist and is genius heading to legendary.  They have met all but two of the secrets requirements for their legendary path secret and are waiting on purely skill increases to buy those.

The generalists, however are only just now attaining genius and are nowhere even near moving towards their legendary requirements.  they have a broader base, as one was a warrior turned gladiator turned warrior again and the other was a sage turned herbalist turned culinarion. 

For me its wonderful to see the system in action.  I've played many systems where the diffusion of power is artificially enforced, such as with experience penalties for every additional class you take on, caps on how far you can advance, or just an impossibility to be broad based.  You know the engineer who is also a good fighter, dancer, historian, magic user, singer of tales, and, oh was a thief in a past life.

The AE system allows for all this without a kludge work around to enforce it or a mechanical limit to prevent the consolidation of too much power.  You have a pool of experience to draw from and use.  how you employ it is up to you.  You can spread that experience out to be a jack of all trades or follow a tight path.  Its all up to you.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stasis space vs zero-dimensional space vs thought pockets

A discussion came up the other night about different types of "holding" that was present in the game.  I was able to clarify some points that were plaguing a few of the players.

Stasis space represents a connection, usually via a pouch, backpack, box, etc. to an extra-dimensional space.  The item allows access into and out of the holding space.  If all items connected to the space are destroyed, then the space collapses and ejects everything within it into the space where the previous access item existed.  So, if you destroy up a pouch of stasis space, everything in it comes flying out.  Additionally, stasis space can be intruded on.  It physically exists somewhere, though typically in a arcane space carved in another dimension or in-between dimensions to make it secure.  So, with the right means, they could be located and entered since they exist somewhere.

Zero-dimensional spaces are flat dimensional spaces.  They are always put on something and the etching, tattoo, paint, etc. acts as the way in/out of the space.  Like stasis space, they provide extra-dimensional space but the space doesn't actually exist in a material way like stasis space.  Zero-dimensional space uses a paradox of energy (Arduinian Effect - see Engineering skill) to form the space and keep things in their safe.  The weakness of zero-dimensional space is they are materially dependent on whatever they are attached to.  If you have a zero-dimensional space tattooed on the palms of your hands and they get eaten by a Quarl, then the zero-dimensional space is destroyed along with everything in it!  When they lose that material attachment, they cease to exist along with everything in it.

Thought pockets are like the top two but different as well.  They are specifically tied to the psychic's life force and if that person dies (completely.  Not into ESS or regenerating but actually dead...) then the pocket ceases to exist and destroys those things within it as well.  Like Stasis space they are vulnerable to intrusion but otherwise are very convenient.  They, effectively, can hold nearly anything, including living beings and the sort depending on they are built. 

So, each type has its virtues but some weaknesses as well.  Keep that in mind when you decide what you want to use as a character.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Among the Rhingaloreans, those who took up the mastery of voice and rune, were known as Hvard.  These Runesingers were highly regarded, though few, and considered among the top masters of the nation's magic users.  While the Rhingalorean dwarves are no more, the ancient traditions of the Hvard have persisted in the dwarves that came after and one and a while a dwarf is met who claims the title of Hvard. 

A title of respect.  A title of power.

Beyond their runesinging capability, the Hvard were also caretakers of the Rhingelorean legacy, their treasures and knowledge.  Sound, music and singing was part of the fabric of their culture, though in subtle ways more than overt ones.   The voice of  Hvard is akin to that of the Runetongued in Vorgundia, though they have no need to mar their tongues with runes in order to speak them.  Hvard were masters of the subsonic, the hidden sound and song.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A breath of the past...

A little something from the past. The Time Lords are a bit of Arduin history that is touched upon but not really detailed.  Most know of the Caverns of the Time Lords, where they were imprisoned by the forces of the Runeweavers in those desperate times.  Many events and conflicts led up to that final solution.  One of those particular events is the Abbey of Stopped Time.  An ancient monastary said frozen in time by the Time Lords to stop a cabal of Runeweavers from casting a High Rune of Devastation. Occasionally stumbled upon, the few travelers said to have visited it claim the runeweavers are still living but have taken on a monk-like life. Also credited as experts of odd lore and, of course, of the past. Supposedly found at the base of the Heaven Wall Mountains where it meets the Withered Lands.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cord Stretched

A bit more Arduin slang for the interested.

This expression is very common and means, effectively, to be pushed past one's limit, to the point of snapping.  Often said as as a means of describing someone's actions, such as "His cord is stretched to the breaking" or "Don't cord stretch me!  You'll regret it!" and similar phrases.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fighting Multiple Enemies

fighting multiple enemies.  This should be in the errata updates.  However:  Every additional person that can surround you provides a bonus to all foes to hit you.  Divide your SIZE by 10, rounding up.  Each person behind this number gets a bonus of +10 per person that surrounds you past this value, and +20 if more than double surround you.

example.  A person of size 8/10 = 1.  Every person beyond one gives everyone a bonus of +10.  So, if 2 people surround you, they all hit at a +20 (+20 per person).  If 3 people managed to stack around you, then it would be +60 (+20 each, since 3 exceeds the double threshold).

If you are Size 14, then that number would be 2.  So, say you are surrounding a centaur of SIZE 14.  It would take 3 more people to get the +10 bonus and more than 4 to get the +20 bonus.

Of course, you don't have to use these but they do lend towards adding realism.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Been traveling so not much chance to knock out some posts.  I'll make up for lost time in a few days.

I've been working on some interesting game elements that I promise to share soon.  Not to mention the rites I promised a few posts back.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Berserkergang Racial Choice

A new racial choice for you to play with.  Its one of the 150 or so I didn't have a chance to release when I put the AE book together.  Enjoy.
Berserkergang – {Elves, Faerie, and Faerie-blooded cannot take this Racial Choice.} You can go into a berserk rage with a normal action and come out of it voluntarily with another normal action as long as at least 5 CF Counts elapse in-between.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

From the docks to east Khurahaen

A little more Arduin street slang.  Its a way to say you've screwed up royally, you are doing one stupid/bad thing after another and so forth.  Its a reference to Khurahaen, the northern city on the Misty Sea in Arduin.  Khurahaen's dock district is pretty tough, filled with hard-eyed sailors and even tougher gang bangers, thugs, and worse things that hide in the dark.  As rough as the docks are, the east side of the city is even worse, sometimes even breaking out in open warfare at times.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It seemed time to release another herb for you to enjoy.  This one, obviously, is not in the core book but I think you'll find it useful.  Its part of the *combat/adventurer* herb set.
Description: A purple to black fungus, usually hand-sized and flat, growing off hard wood trees.
APT: 10*
Climate: All but arctic and wintry climes. Locality: all but desert or arctic zones.
Time: see use
Search TD: 200
Use TD: 50
Normal: Can be used as a power component in spells, providing a +2 CRIT and +2 Fumble bonuses or less to spells.
*** Rare use require Find True Essence to activate. ***
Rare: Can absorb any spell, prayer or ritual up to OP 4 that includes you in its effect, crumbling into dust after the absorption. If the spell is an area effect one, it only negates the spell for you. Spells not immediately centered on you are unaffected by this Areanlys except as previously noted.
Hidden: None.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Skyships and airships

Just a note more than anything.  In Arduin skyships are magical in nature using an arcane or faith engine as well as means of navigation.  Air ships are Techno in origin, akin to our real world air ships and some that have not existed outside of fantasy.

The country of Arduin has a thriving industry of both though skyships are truly strong in the countries of Maelshyra, zirhaine and Chund.  The hub of air ships is in the dreaming isles and bossalia.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Into the Mouth of the Wolf

More Arduinian street slang for your enjoy.  This one, "into the mouth of the wolf" is a Hyrkhallaian expression, noting that someone is rushing forward into danger. Has contemptuous connotations associated with it as if the person is a fool or is acting foolishly when they do it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rite of Life Leap

As I mentioned previously, I'll be posting some of the rites.  I posted a rare but powerful rite a few days ago.  This is an example of a more common, obviously less powerful one.  Enjoy.

Life Leap

Preq:  40+ APT, Exp Ceremony, Exp Channel, Knowledge of OP 3 rituals
Special:  250 Faith
APT: 100/1
C:  100
F: 6
Range: 0
Time: 12 hours
TD:  100
Duration:  Permanent
Learn:  see below
Influence: Person/All

A very common celebration of life ritual performed by most religions. The rite permanently raises your ESS by d2+2. Typically bestowed on followers as a gift, to aid in fighting off a powerful malaise or to prepare them for a particularly arduous fight, quest or conflict. Obviously, since its a rite, it can only be attempted once and once only.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Channel Spirit

One of the uses of Channel is to channel spirits.  Its a basic use of the skill and essentially requires the person channeling to make a TD equal to double the APT of the spirit.  Of course, the spirit can resist the Channel attack with an opposed Channel check as well.  If the roll succeeds then you drain your channel skill ranks in APT away from the spirit.

You can do a couple of things with the APT you channel:

1.  Absorb it.
2.  Dissipate it

If you have the Medium secret or equivalent capability you can also:

3.  Channel it into another person, item, etc.

Now, a couple of points.  You can do multiple things and elect to absorb some and dissipate the rest.   Or channel and dissipate.  Or channel and absorb.

If you choose number one and absorb the APT, you are tainted by the influence of the spirit.  If the spirit is a one of rage, let's say, then you can potentially become enraged, at a chance equal to the percentage of APT you drain to your own (Divide the APT your drain by your own APT to find the percent).  If it was a spirit of hunger, you would be overwhelmed by an intense hunger, etc.  Even if you are not fully affected, some lingering minor effect equivalent to the taint occurs.  If AT ANY POINT you exceed your own APT score with absorbed APT, you become that kind of spirit, essentially destroying yourself.  So, be cautious.

Now, why would you do this (absorb the spirit APT, that is) in the first place?  Well, the APT you absorb heals any APT impairment 1:1 and APT damage 10:1 you may have sustained.

Now, option number two is the safest.  Effectively you are draining the spirit and destroying its essence.  Its the safest method.

Number three entails being able to pull energy out of a spirit and push it into something or someone else.  Even if you don't absorb the energy you still feel a taint from it and suffer the minor effects.

Taint gained through absorption lasts for a number of hours equal to the amount of APT absorbed.  When you channel it into something the taint lasts for one minute equal to the amount of APT moved.  If in combination, add the two together.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

To The 12th Hell

Personally, in this category falls the myriad of Greater Demons and the Hells. I have never ran or played in a satisfactory foray into the Hells or even found a GM (even me) who is willing to use the Greater Demon’s in any manner other than as shadowy figures out there five or six layers away from whatever intrigue or action was roiling around. Bringing them in closer is tantamount to death for any group and can become a campaign buster if not handled well. So how to work it?

Well, I had in the past put together a fairly challenging module into the Hells, but even so kept the Greater Demon (Thangumokk) in question away from the party directly, by giving them ample opportunity to avoid given some intelligence and strategy. The entire theme of the adventure was the terminus of a cycle involving a cat made of jewels and amber, glitteringly beautiful and animated; wings of sparkling, begemmed silveel. It is rumored that where it strode or flew, the land would change growing vibrant and strong; that it was taken to Hell to forever deny this to those of need of the bounty.

I put together an interesting trip, allowing the options of venturing there via a few choice, magik artifacts that could cross the planes and move them to the twelfth Hell. Another potential was to Hell walk there way there, but it was the most dangerous venue of the all. If they actually made it there, hopefully they had prepared well enough for the burning rays, non-existent breathable atmosphere, glare of the foiled, reflected lands and jagged, blade like terrain. Not to mention swift moving electrical storms, weirdly changing gravity, pulsing radioactive clouds that hugged the group and omnipresent, falling meteors that cascaded down in showers, splintering the land more and give something for the Sun Demons to play with and in.

The Greater Demon kept his “pets” in a few places at “home”, most of them environmentally set up to allow his “pets” to survive. These were the targets, and what they sought could be in any of the five they knew of or anywhere else, since it could likely existence in this place.

It was an interesting ride; one I have ran only three times in the last decade or two. One group made it as far as the Hells but perished in an encounter with its “indigenous” populace.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gift of the Prismatic Dragon Bird

An example of powerful rite was requested a while back, as well as a list of "common ones".  I'll be posting those as the week continues but I wanted to provide the powerful one first.  This rite confers lightning immunity, just like Lightning Eater (I'll post that next).   Unlike Lightning Eater though, this rite has a low chance of failure and provides the immunity without strings.

Gift of the Prismatic Dragon Bird

Preq:  70+ APT, Genius Ceremony, Expert Channel, Gestalt [Ceremony], Knowledge of OP 7 rituals
SpecialOne Prismatic Dragon Bird feather (Very Good quality or better), 2 ounces of Cadrium ground with silver vinegar, One pound of Falohyrian Red Bark, 2 ounces of screaming scarlet itchies egg deposits (gall), One ounce of Iron Vitriol 
APT: 5100/50
C:  100
F: 3
Range: 0
Time: 8 hours
TD:  225
Duration:  Permanent
Learn:  see below
Influence: Any/All
A rare but well documented rite that confers immunity to lightning. Its referred to often in history and considered "created" or at least, first documented during the great Wars of Darkness. Dragon birds were more common back then since they were used as a form of cavalry by the Faerie Lords that joined in the battle against the Titans. The components listed are enough to affect a being of 45 BODY or less.  Six hours of the eight required hours are the amount of time needed to mix the pigment to imprint in the body of the target of the rite.  The rite  can only be done once; additional uses of the rite or attempts to do so provide not benefit.  While well known and documented, the components are exceedingly difficult to find or purchase.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spell: Render Inert Gunpowder

Figured it was time for a spell.  A more powerful one than I normally post out.  So, enjoy one of OP 8.

Render Inert Gunpowder– OP 8

Preq: 36+ APT, 34+ MA, Expert Channel, Expert Arcanalogy, Mana Cauldron [Arcanalogy], Energy Depletion [Channel]
Mana: 47 C: 99 F: 19
Range: 300 M: none Area: see below
Duration: 2 minutes
Targets an area 100 ft square, rendering gunpowder in the area inert and useless. The effect is stationary though unmarked in any manner.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dance of Dragons

More Arduinian street slang for your enjoy.  You typically hear this invoked when there's a battle going on that has ends up with a lot of collateral damage to the surrounding area and people.  Its pretty popular in speech and writing so you'll hear it just about anywhere.  Chrysolians use the term "Clash of Shields" to pretty much mean the same thing though it has different subtle undertones to it.  Their use indicates more loss of people and influence than actual landscape collateral damage.  Still, its often utilized interchangeably.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where did Turn Undead go?

This question came up via email not to long ago. What happened to Turning Undead? Ah, its a good question. Short answer is its still in the system just not in the way it was imagined in the previous systems. Its under Pneuma, both in its basic use of skill as Chastise and strengthened through a couple of secrets. Its different though, both in use and in effect.

For example, under the basic use of skill you can affect anything outlined in your tenets and dogma, including those opposed to your religion, such as a Silver Lady follower affecting a Shagrath follower [not just undead].

Mechanically it has a range of 30 ft, requires 1 Faith and a Pneuma check against their MD. If it works, those affected are either rooted in place or flee. Regardless, it lats 1 m/r per 5 skill ranks.

Shrive, a proficient level secret, adds 1 HP damage per 10 skill ranks to the effect (one time damage).

Reprimand, an expert level secrets, lets you do better HP, damage, inflict BODY or APT damage [incorporeal] though it costs more Faith to the basic effect.

So, its a bit beyond just undead and doesn't necessarily discorporate or destroy them, though it definitely could. Its a bit more versatile, effecting striking everything within 30 ft you can affect (delivery matters) for a 1 Faith cost. That's potentially powerful, especially if you are adding HP damage or BODY damage, though using Reprimand raises the Faith cost to 3 for HP damage or 5 for BODY damage.

Soooo, if Eonggi the Silver Lady priest decided to use chastise, and had a skill rank 100, he could use:

  • 1 Faith and smite everyone whose MD he overcomes within 30 ft, rooting them in place or making them flee.
  • 1 Faith, but with Shrive, and inflict 10 HP to each one of them as well.
  • 3 Faith, with Reprimand, and inflict 20 HP to each one of them.
  • 5 Faith, with Reprimand, and inflict 4 BODY damage to each one of them.
  • 5 Faith, with Reprimand, and inflict 4 APT damage to each spirit among them.

The uses of Reprimand are not cumulative, i.e., you'll have to pick one of them.

A very common use of I have seen people do is root someone in place and then use Shrive on them every time their turn comes up, inflicting HP damage to them until they perish. It costs Faith, obviously, which is not cheap but this use of Pneuma is tough to guard against. Unless a target has Faith-based resistance (unlikely) or a MD too great to penetrate (more likely), you've got a relatively cheap mass attack effect. Now, a very important point. This damage is magical in nature so it inflicts magic damage and they get MR against it.

A lot of items exist to bolster and build on this capability. I'll post them later on in the week so you have some examples.