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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thralian Burial Customs

In Thrale, the dead are often interred vertically in heavy clay tubes. The tube is prepared with layers of crushed gravel and clay bits to provide a seal. The corpse is packed in a mixture of sand and wax, and then placed within the tube and the whole sealed in layers until filled. Thralian dead are then lowered vertically into the ground. Thralian are interred with their families, often in circles descending in ever growing concentric rings. Since they also believe you can use the weapons, equipment and goods interred with the dead as a spirit and in the afterlife, these accompany the dead into their tombs. Since they know these may be cherished by others who are afraid or without reverence for their customs, they guard their tombs heavily, with fierce guardians and terrible traps.   

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