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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Note on the Klinchnâk

Spoken of only in whispers and dread are the legendary Kthoi and their dominion of the world in the misty dawn of creation.  While often referred to as the beginning, others strode the world before and with them prior to their rise to dominion and long grip on the world, space, and dimensions.  The Klinchnâk, an aqueous race whose arcane skills were formidable, came, and went before the Kthoi came into their own, leaving behind little beyond their tree anemone cities in the deep crevasses of the sea.  They were not alone but what trace of them exists today?  Little, for the Kthoi did not look upon the achievements of other races with wonder but with contempt and destroyed most if not all of the ruins of any race preceding them, especially any that might come anywhere within the extent of their abilities.

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