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Friday, March 9, 2012

Maeraine and the Black Bite Forest

Even for the most prepared, there is a new surprise. 

The local inhabitants of Maeraine always shake their heads and implore those who think they have beaten the dangers of the Black Bit Forest to reconsider. Alternatively, at least to make out a will and leave their possessions with someone they trust. 

 “Oerdly Joss”, they will mumble, “he too thought he had it beat”. “An emperor’s ransom”, Oerdly would crow to any that would listen as he assembled his goods and precious seeds to plant. When his friends would speak of the dangers and the long list of the missing and dead, he would counter with his litany of preparations: one for all the dangers they could name or remember. When someone could name something he had not considered or prepared for, he would reluctantly nod acceptance to stay and begin immediately on fixing something to counter the point brought up. One day no one could gainsay him and the townsfolk stood with his wife as he rode away, his wagon trundled with the goods he had prepared to counter any threat. For the months that followed, there was no word when the event occurred that they had feared: a magic sending appeared to his wife, set up by him through magic on the event of his death. With a solemn face, his wispy image told his wife of his month’s long triumph to circumvent the danger of the Black Bite Forest and raise a successful crop of trees. At least, until the fateful day when he went to harvest his secluded and safe crop and found, to his surprise, the trees objected to his harvest of their fruit and slew him with their ponderous weight. So, to any who dare the forest and think they have prepared for everything, the kind townsfolk tell them the tale of Oerdly Joss and hope they’ll learn the wisdom he did not.

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