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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hufjuen, a tongue to curse with

Hufjuen (Hoof - June).  The tongue of soldiers everywhere.  At least, for cursing that is.

Viruelandia has a massive military force and it has exported its professional soldiers since its once tiny inception in a village cringing in the purple shadows of Heaven Black Mountains.  With them came their eloquent and lengthy ability to curse, vituperate and revile; and nothing, let me tell you, nothing works better than Hufjuen for cursing.  The rolling but guttural language is almost the perfect vehicle and when showered with the hand and body movements that are a part of it as its glottal stops its a bit of theater you just want to see.

Of course, some say Orcish is a front runner for good cursing but its slurry shifts and watery vowels just don't bring home the kill kitten when compared to Hufjuen.  Now, Ogrish, sure it has it beat for sheer vowel, but who wouldn't if you had the lungs of an Ogre?  Hufjuen runs roughshod over it in just about every other department.  Its both shameful and hilarious to watch the neophytes when they try to bandy words with a soldier rolling out the Hufjuen.  Cursing, let me tell you, is a soldier's past time.  Doing it well is worth the respect of your mates.  And your enemies.

Now - writing?  Well, Hufjuen sounds a like a dream (for cursing!) but writes like a Throon.  Arduinian is the scribbler's delight in that regard.  Its a mishmash of everything thrown in with a nice flowing script.  Doesn't roll out the drum of curses like Hufjuen but is quite respectable when you're writing!

Hufjuen, wasn't always a soldier's tongue.  Once Hufjuen was regarded as the sole language of the Emperor-Kings of Viruelandia and their families.  It was punishable by death to speak it aloud or write in its stilted script unless you were part of the royal family.

Of course, Ayrven changed that.  Not to mention ended the 77 years war.  Mainly by starting a new one.  With his uncle.  Who happened to be the current Emperor-King.  Ayrven threw Viruelandia into internal discord and while it never got a footnote in history, he also spread Hufjuen to the common soldier.  He insisted on it, in fact, both for spite and simplicity.  He trained his men on the tongue and they used it for nearly two years as a means of communication before necessity forced its spread beyond his men into the rest of the soldiers.  By the time he fell, the damage was done and Hufjuen was everywhere.

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