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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dodge, Parry, Block and using them for other people

While my title is not as awesome as I would like, its a fairly simple and important topic.

Let's start with Parry.  Normally you parry attacks against you and it takes a quickened action.  Enterprising players will at some point want to parry for someone else.  Here is how it works:

  1. The person you are defending must be within your engagement range (ER)
  2. You Parry like normal, except that you do so at a -25 penalty
  Block follows the same sequence as above.  However, if you are using a shield, its ER is equal to your native ER.  If you want to extend this, you can do so, but it requires you to know the Lunge (combat) secret.

Dodge follows this format.

  1. The person you are defending must be within your native (ER)
  2. You Dodge like normal except its against a TD 125 instead of TD 100
  3. If you fail the dodge, you are considered to be grappling, with a chance the attack hits you instead of them
These rules only apply for normal Dodge.  Eldtritch Dodge and Mental Dodge cannot be employed for another mind/sentience.

If you have the ability to parry magik, you can, however, use the rules above to parry magik for someone else as long as it meets the rules outlined by your ability to parry magik as well.

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