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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winds of Limbo

Known by many names: the Winds of Limbo, Winds of Change and also the Winds of Chance, this oddly named phenomena is something that happens during Triangularus, Red Solstice and the Gray Equinox. At these times, all the Nexus Gates around Khaas open simultaneously! This great opening of the ways usually lasts from the 13th hour of one night until the 13th hour of the next, 25 hours in all. During this time all sorts of things roam about the landscape, one such being the Winds of Change. These Winds are of unknown origin, age, and ultimate potency. What is known about them is dreadful enough. 

  • Any living being exposed to these arcane winds is struck with an equivalent 200 strength arcane attack.  If it overwhelms a being's MD, then they die!  Those who die are (99% chance) immediately reincarnated (see Random Reincarnation Chart). Those that roll the 1% chance when dying are just gone and may not be raised by any means whatsoever. Those who survive (i.e. successful MRS roll), suffer permanently at the hands of extreme change. 
  •  All Undead creatures exposed to these Winds are immediately discorporate, fragmented, and borne away on the winds, gone forevermore. 
  • Spirit seem to be the only beings in existence unaffected by these dreadful winds.
The Winds are an experience extremely hard to describe, but for one will experience EVERYTHING AT ONCE. This means heat, cold, pleasure, pain, knowledge, insanity, insensibility, elation, terror, greed, ecstasy and so on and so on. Every mental and physical facet of existence will flood over and through them. A complete sensory overload is another way of describing it. How long it lasts, none can truly say. Survivors say it felt like no time, yet forever—eternity in an instant.

These Winds are sometimes encountered while walking Hell Spirals or otherwise transgressing those realms arcane.

These, then, are the Winds of Change; may they never blow your way!

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