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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trade route details

Forgot to give more detail on how the trade routes work. 
Name: Descriptive title
Prerequisites: Names prerequisites if any exist.
Factors: Any other relevant data not otherwise covered. Whether a route is a one-way or two-way route is noted here.
Risk: Percent chance something went wrong during the run during an increment of time. Roll on the Trade Route Hazard Table if a risk occurs.
Start TD: Business skill check TD required for the trade route on the starting end.
Investment Capitol: amount of capitol you must provide to gain access to the trade route. Investment is usually given in wealth though sometimes coin or other requirements are given as well. The capitol is what is lost if you fail to meet the Time or Destination TD.
Time Allotted: the window of time given to run the trade route. Time is provided as a variance, such as 3 – 10 days or 2 – 6 months. The bottom end number is the minimum amount of time required to elapse before you can make a Destination TD check to move your goods. It represents that getting to a destination before the market is ready is as worthless as arriving late. The maximum number is your top allotted time before you cannot make a Destination TD skill check.
Market: Defines the market for the trade route. The trade route bonus only applies to the given markets though other goods can be traded normally.
Destination TD: Business skill check TD required to finalize the trade route and gain the bonuses it provides.
Variance: Represents the market at a high level and lists what is affected. Any function of the trade route can be a variance. Typical variances are Start TD, Destination TD, Time and Market.

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