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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A short discussion on Trelves

The Trelves accidentally entered Khaas sometime in the past and have despised the place since. Elves of a sort from an alternative universe, they worship the harsh fracture of the geometry, the beauty in discordant symmetry and the powerful sound of cacophony. Their world is a place with violet and lavender skies, ones that crush with crimson hues when it storms and turn off white when clouds rake the sky. Vegetation moves, foliage hungers, and animals pursue them in an endless struggle of dominance. Trelf hatred for such things is unparalleled.
Those that entered Khaas found themselves in a universe that typified everything they despised in their own; one that despised them in turn. They have hidden away from the mainstream of the world, staying out of events for the most part, seeking either to return to their own universe or makeover this one in its image.

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