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Saturday, February 18, 2012

new psychic-based character options

Some new options for your racial choices.

Mind of Razors (2 point cost)
Your mind is like a pit of razors and anyone who transgresses it suffers for it. You inflict half your EGO in psychic damage on anyone who attacks your mind, consciousness, id, etc. Effectively, if it uses a Mind skill check against your PD, you damage it back.

Native Facility with Psychic Powers – You are naturally better at psychic powers and it is second nature for you. You start with a +5 bonus to your PSI power pool and to the amount of PSI you can move in a melee round. Additionally, each time you use an EPS to acquire Noetics, Channel, and Psychic secrets or to gain access to OP of mental powers, you add a +2 bonus to one of Noetics, Channel, Mind (choose a spell or school), power pool, or the amount you can move in a melee round. On the other hand, you have trouble in other areas, lowering your LR –4 (minimum of LR 1) and –2 CON.

Psi-Patterned Soul (2 point cost)
You are destined to follow the call of the psychic; its traditions and ways imprinted on your soul, regardless of your occupation.

  • Add a +10 advancement bonus to the Noetics, Mind, Channel and Ceremony skills.
  • Add a +20 bonus to PD.
  • Select one of Noetics, Mind, Channel or Ceremony. You begin with 10 skill ranks and the knowledge of 1 secret (you must meet its prerequisites).

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