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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mist Wing Boys

A little Talismondean background for you.

The Mist Wing Boys are a courier service that works the height and breadth of Talismonde, including the bottom two layers of the Undercity.  They work for a fee, charging coin for danger, distance, drag, and speed.  Their motto is they "never fail".  When they take a commission they are deadly serious about discharging it.

The organization has an "office" that serves as its headquarters in the High Park district of the city.  Its nothing special or even overly large.  Couriers climb all over it though like a hive of bees, coming and going constantly.  Outside of this location, the Mist Wing Boys have a network of solicitors that work the shops, businesses, and streets, constantly drumming up business.  Their job is to take requests and notify the couriers. 

The organization gets a lot of business too.  Promptly getting packages safely about the city (which is their boundary) is in high demand.  It seems someone is always out to get a package from them though, which keeps the couriers on their toes.  Couriers are noted for their capability to deliver, whatever it takes.  Some fight, some run, some use magik, some use mind, but all of them make it on time.

Think of it as the Fedex of Talismonde.

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